Mechanical drive gear sets, flyer

Mechanical Drive Gear Sets
Precision gear sets are the life blood of Beloit differential, hypoid and spiral gear
type mechanical drives. ey should be maintained as mill inventory critical
spares to avoid serious operational interruptions that can occur with severely
worn or damaged gears, or in a worse case scenario, gear failures.
OEM Part Benefits
Ÿ Less maintenance
Ÿ Reduced risk of failure
Ÿ Less chance for unplanned
Ÿ Correct part fit, the first time
Ÿ Upgrade design and
Ÿ OEM specifications
Critical gear set spares
Spare gear set recommendations
In today's hectic paper machine operational
environment, it's an absolute necessity to have critical
replacement spare parts on hand. Such is the case with
Beloit paper machine mechanical drive system spare
gear sets.
Valmet, OEM supplier for Beloit paper machine
replacement parts, supplies the replacement gear sets
for all of the different types of Beloit mechanical
drives. ey include hypoid and spiral type drive
units, as well as differential drive units with their
transfer cases.
Differential Gear Units
Ÿ Differential sha assembly (includes assembled
differential cluster gears and sha) for each size
differential unit
Ÿ Corner gear set, one set minimum for each
differential size and ratio
Ÿ Transfer case gears
Spiral Gear Units
Ÿ Matched gear/pinion set of each different ratio
Hypoid Gear Units
Ÿ Matched gear/pinion set of each different ratio and
Mechanical drive gear sets
Paper machine mechanical drive gearing truly quali es as some of the more critical components that require
spares to insure against prolonged operational interruptions. Your Valmet representative can help you identify
gear sets, ratios, etc., for a given machine, as well as providing speci c inventory recommendations.
Differential units
Hypoid gear units
Differential drive unit gear and sha assemblies
Hypoid drive unit gear and sha assemblies
Hypoid gear set with supporting shas assembled in gear case.
Spare gear replacements can be supplied with shas as drop-in
type assembly minimizing maintenance requirements. Older
hypoid gearboxes can be upgraded increasing the horsepower
capacity by providing larger bore gears and larger diameter
Differential sha assembly with cluster gears assembled in gear
Valmet OEM service
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Transfer case gears
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Emergencies with mechanical gear sets do happen,
and if critical gear sets are not maintained as mill
inventory items, there can be a mad scramble to nd
replacements. As a service to its customers, Valmet
maintains its OEM Beloit historical records of literally
thousands of gear sets for the different types of
mechanical gear units supplied to its customers. In
doing so, like gear sets can be easily identi ed to
determine if they may be available.
Call your Valmet service representative to help you
with gear set concerns, or if there is an emergency