Construction and Project Lines

Construction and Project Lines
4110 US Hwy 29 N, Greensboro NC 27405
Ph: 336-375-1122 Toll Free: 800-849-0244 Fax: 336-375-0177
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"Serving The Carolinas and Virginia"
Cable Tray Systems - Ladder, Cent-R-Rail, Wire Basket & Redi Rail in Alum, Hot Dipped Galv, Fiberglass, Steel, Kwik Splice CT
Strut Systems: Green, ZincChromate, Pre-Galv, Alum, Fiberglass & Stainless Steel, Pipe Hangers & Fittings, New 4D Strut
Spring Steel Fasteners and Pre Fab Ruffin
Electrical Enclosures- Nema and Glav. Commercial, Wineway-steel, Fiberglass, SS4 and SS6, and Aluminum
Terms: $100 Min, 2% 10 Days Net 30-Days (except Cable Tray - Net 30)
Freight PPD: $5,000 Net Cable Tray, $1,750 Net Strut, $500 Net Fasteners, $1,750 Net Enclosures
Inside Sales Lead: Susan Hall
Industrial Wire & Cable - All Types- Hi-Temp, VNTC Tray Cable, DLO, MV Power
Koiled Kords, etc. - In stock in NYC Warehouse for 2 days' service to the Carolinas' and Virginia.
Terms: No Min, 1% 10th Prox, Net 25th. Freight PPD: Varies by Product Group. Mark Klayman 800-832-3600
For Pricing, please contact Mark Klayman at Custom @ 800-832-3600 or Farmer Inside Sales @ 800-849-0244
Inside Sales Lead: Debbie Gearhart Territories: NC, SC & VA
Copper THHN, THHN/THWN-2 Slip Wire, Non-Metallic Romex- TFFN, Bare Copper, XHHW
Terms: $1,000 Min, 2% 10th Prox., Net EOM. Freight PPD: 5,000 lbs.
(Bundle with KAF-TECH - 5,000 lbs combined)
Inside Sales Lead: Krissy Williams Greensboro NC Stock
Grounding & Bonding, Ultraweld Exothermic Connections, Lightning Protection
Ground Bars & Accessories, Ground Mesh, Mechanical Clamps, Enhanced Ground Rods
Ultraweld, Drone, Weld Metal, Tools & Accessories, Lightning Conductors, Air Terminals, Cable Connectors
Terms: $50.00 min, Net 30 days. 2,000 lbs Prepaid on Bare Copper. Please contact us for complete freight allowed terms
Inside Sales Lead: Susan Hall Territories: NC, SC & VA Greensboro NC Stock
MC Cable, Steel/Alum Flex and Liquid Tight Conduit- UL, VF, NM & Hi-Temp, MC Health Care. Home Run,
Super Neutral, Fire Alarm, Jacketed MC, Fixture Whips. AFC Steel Fittings - Couplings, NM, LT, EMT
Terms: $200 Min, 2% Net 15th (Bundle with CERRO - 5,000 lbs combined) Greensboro NC Stock
Freight PPD: Kaf-Tech 3,000 lbs MC/AC, 1,000 lbs Steel Flex, LT or Alum Flex. Fittings $1,000 or free w/KT Bundle
Inside Sales Lead: Krissy Williams AD/IMARK
Territories Covered: NC, SC & VA
Industrial Wire & Cable - Portable Cord, Cord Sets, Electronics, Datacom and Industrial Specialty Cables
Carol Brand® Super Vu-Tron Supreme®, SOOW/SJOOW, SEOOW/SJEOOW, Welding, Thermostat, MTW,
W’s/G’s/G-GC’s and DLO. Alarm & Security, Instrumentation & Control, Audio & Video, Category &
Communication Cables. Low & Medium Voltage Cables to 35KV for a wide range of Industrial and
Specialty applications.
Carol® Terms: $150 Min, 2% 10/Net EOM prox. Freight PPD: $2,000.00
Industrial Terms: $500 Min, Net 30. Freight PPD: 7,500 lbs.
" All In" Freight terms Combo with Stabiloy Aluminum for Combined Freight Allowed - $2,000, then add aluminum
Inside Sales Lead: Debbie Gearhart AD/IMARK Territories Covered: NC, SC & VA
ALUMINUM CABLE by STABILOY Brand, a General Cable Company - SEU, SER, MHF Cable,
XHHW Hi-Speed, USE, MC Cable, Overhead & Underground, Utility, Bare Alum, FeederPlex, Solar Products PV
Terms: $500 Min, 2% 10th Prox/Net 30 Prox
Freight PPD: 2000 lbs Building Wire, 5000 lbs Utility
"All In" Freight Terms with GC Portable Cord for Combined Freight Allowed - 2,000 lbs, then add cord
Inside Sales Lead: Debbie Gearhart AD/IMARK
Conduit, Elbows, Nipples and Couplings, BlackGuard PVC Coated Conduit and Fittings
Galvanized, EMT Steel and Alum Elbows, Galvanized & Alum Nipples & Couplings. Pipe Bending and Threading.
Terms: $100 Min, 2% 10th Net 30. Freight PPD: $750 on Elbows, Nipples & Couplings - BlackGuard $6,000
Inside Sales Lead: Wanda McHone Territories Covered: NC, SC & VA
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Industrial and Stock Lines
4110 US Hwy 29 N, Greensboro NC 27405
Ph: 336-375-1122 Toll Free: 800-849-0244 Fax: 336-375-0177
visit us on the web at
"Serving The Carolinas and Virginia"
Transformers, Line Reactors &Drive Isolation, Buck Boost. Distribution Dry-Type, Industrial Control Power,
Low Voltage Lighting Transformers. DOE 2016 High Efficiency Transformers
Terms: $250 Min, 2% 10-Days/Net 30 (will waive for AIR).
Freight PPD: $750
Inside Sales Lead: Jessika Rakes AD/IMARK Greensboro NC Stock
A Hubbell Company
Fuses, Fuseblocks, Power Blocks, Terminal Blocks, Overvoltage Surge DevicesFusible Quick-Spec Panelboards, PV Fuses & Products
Terms: BUSS $75/$150 Min, waive AIR, 2% 10th Net 25. Edison $100 Min, 2% 15th Net 25th Prox
Freight PPD: Buss $400, Edison $150 -- $25 Drop Ship Charge for Buss & Edison Eaton Advantage
Inside Sales Lead: Leslie Auman GSO NC Stock on EDISON Only
LED Industrial Lighting Solutions - Hazardous Location, Commercial, Military and RGB Lighting, High Bays,
Wall Packs & Buckheads, Area Lighting, Floodlights & Linears. SafeSite Hazardous Area Solutions
Terms: $1,000 Min, Freight PPD $5,000. Net 30
Full terms listed at:
Inside Sales Lead: Shannon Parrish AD
Audible and Visual Signaling Products - Industrial Horns, Bells, Intercoms, Factory Automation Signaling,
Wide Area Notification Systems, Machine Safeguarding Products, Pushbuttons,
Industrial Beacons and Strobes, New LED Stacklights, Clocks and Timers, and Industrial Video Products
Terms: $100 Min, Freight PPD $500. 2% 10th, Net 24th. Will Waive Min for Air. Air cut-off 2:00 est.
Inside Sales Lead: Jessika Rakes AD/IMARK
A division of Kidde
Watertight Wiring Devices, GFCI Cordsets, Portable Lighting, Temporary Portable Power Carts
Cord Reels, Mini-Connectors, Wire Mesh Grips, "TuffTraxx" Cable Protectors, LED Heavy Duty Work Lights .
Anti-Microbial Wiring Devices ad Cord (USDA Approved)
Terms: "Standard Stocking Distributor Terms" $150 Min, 1% 15th, Net 30. Freight PPD: $,1,500
Inside Sales Lead: Shannon Parrish AD
Portable Testing & Measuring Equipment - Power Quality, Vibration Testers, Infrared Thermography,
Laser Alignment, IR Windows, Ground Resistance Testers, Scopemeters, Calibraters & Digital Thermometers,
Laser Measuring, Sound, Light, HVAC, Flashlights, Battery Testers, FlukeConnect Wireless
Terms: Fluke $250 Min, 2% 10 Days, Net 30. Amprobe $250 Min, Net 30. $25 fee for orders less than min.
Freight PPD: $1,000. $40 Drop Ship Charge for Fluke & Amprobe.
Inside Sales Lead: Jessika Rakes
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