Freight Forum Save the Date

The UC Davis Policy Institute and the Union of Concerned Scientists invite you to save the date for a

Policy Forum Series entitled

California Freight System: Delivering the Green

Over three sessions in April and May, the policy forum series will draw from the latest research to explore some of the strategies to address the impacts of California’s freight and goods movement system on air quality, climate, and community health with researchers, policy-makers and practitioners, industry stakeholders, and other experts to inform better policy. Please save the following dates for lunch and a lively discourse:






The Role of Freight Transportation in Achieving Clean Air, Climate

Goals, Economic Growth, and Healthy Communities in California


Wednesday, April 19


Advanced Rail and Truck Technology Development and Deployment Friday, April 26 11:30-


Planning for Change: How to Modernize the Freight System in


Friday May 10 11:30-


With the three largest North American West Coast ports, more than 40 percent of containerized imports enter the US through California ports, and nearly 30 percent of the country’s exports depart through them. California’s ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach serve as a major economic engine for the state, generating more than $10 billion in state and local tax revenues a year. From the ports, goods are moved across the state and county by train, trucks, and ships, generating thousands of jobs and millions in local and state revenue. California’s freight industry is poised for explosive growth in the next 20 years.

California’s freight sector, including trucks, trains, and ships powered primarily by diesel fuel, is the largest contributor to ozone-causing nitrogen oxide emissions and particulate pollution, and a major contributor to climate change including emissions of carbon dioxide and black carbon. State agencies have recently suggested that widespread adoption of zero and near zero tailpipe emission technologies will need to be deployed rapidly to meet looming air quality deadlines and to meet the state’s climate goals. The arc of our conversations will range from a deeper examination of our freight system’s problems to multidisciplinary conversations about solutions that show the most potential. Your input to the discussion would be meaningful and welcome.

Sessions will all be held at the University of California Center Sacramento (1130 K Street, Suite LL22,

Sacramento, CA 95814). There is no cost to participate. Lunch provided.

For further information or questions, please contact:

Miriam Swaffer mswaffer@ucsusa.org

(510) 809-1564 or Maya Biery mbbiery@ucdavis.edu

707 237 1735.

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