What does it take to change a life?

United Way pulls
in experts and
community leaders
to develop plans so
people can move
beyond crisis and
improve their lives.
Only programs that
show financial
accountability and a
track record for getting
results are selected for
United Way funding.
Because of United
Way’s leadership,
agencies like ours are
more effective in the
community we serve.
Because United Way’s
overhead is among the
lowest in the industry –
only 14% – most of my
contribution goes directly
to improving lives.
United Way is the only
organization that works
regionally and locally to
identify the best way to
solve the challenges people
face and to mobilize all
the resources necessary
to solve them.
Lester McKeever
Diana Sands
Adam Alonso
Julian Brown
Deb DeHaas
Managing Principal, Washington,
Pittman & McKeever and
United Way board vice chair
Vice President Investor Relations,
Boeing and volunteer leader
in fund allocation
Executive Director, Corazon
Community Services and
United Way Latino Initiative partner
Manager of Corporate
Contributions, Nicor
and campaign volunteer leader
Vice Chairman & Midwest Regional
Managing Partner, Deloitte LLP
and United Way board chair
Please give through your campaign or liveunitedchicago.org
your voice is heard the loudest and
your time makes the most difference.
your dollars go the furthest,
United Way
of Metropolitan Chicago
What does it take to change a life?
LIVE UNITED. Change a life.
United Way is the place where everyone who cares about others can do something RIGHT NOW
about hunger, homelessness, unemployment, violence, low graduation rates and lack of healthcare.
You can give people the help they need to get on their feet today and live a life of independence.
united way focuses on what it takes for people to be self-sufficient:
Early childhood education
so kids like Melissa can
be ready to learn when
they get to kindergarten
Access to clinics so
seniors like Darlene
can get medicine and
manage their epilepsy
Job training and
placement so men
like Tony can learn
culinary skills and
find employment
After-school programs
so young men like Jorge
see school as a better
alternative to joining
a gang
Financial counseling
so moms like Sue can
learn to budget, stay out
of debt and open savings
Mentoring programs
so that teens like
Jasmine can get help
with homework and stay
on track to graduate
Access to tax credits so
veterans like Larry can
claim the government
funds they’re entitled to
and stay in their homes
Mental health support
and holistic care so men
like Walter can control
their illness and live
so young children
are safe from
And more, so when you give,
And more, so when you give,
kids and teens can find a path
to success.
And more, so when you give,
people can become financially
people can improve their physical
and mental well-being.
For a complete list of United Way funded agencies, visit liveunitedchicago.org.
United Way is the leader in responding to situations that require immediate action. In this
economy where demand for food, transitional housing and other basic needs has risen sharply,
United Way rallies the community with efforts such as Give5Here to meet those needs.
For information about and
referrals to health and human
services, please call:
As the largest non-government funder of health and human services, United Way does
what no single organization alone can do to address the critical issues people face:
Bring together leaders from government, corporations, social services
and the community to work through the issues and create solutions
Fund the network of programs that together can best support those solutions.
Chicago and Cook County:
• 312.655.7732
DuPage County: