Too Many Young People Today Have Unhealthy Lifestyles

Too Many Young People Today
Have Unhealthy Lifestyles
Essay Planning
For the motion
Modern life does little to encourage health
Television, computers in bedrooms etc.
Parents’ fear of children playing outside
Too much money – junk food – alcohol – cigarettes etc.
Focus on study means teens don’t have enough free
• Peer pressure to go out and party
• Not just physical health but mental health – drugs,
cyberbullying etc.
• It is a problem caused by our modern lifestyle
• Fast pace of life and fast pace of technological
advances mean that it is difficult to keep track
of the effects these changes have
• If we examine the issues and address them,
we may come up with some solutions
• Can’t go back to our parents’ era, so must face
challenges and adapt to cope
Facts, figures and quotes
• Last ten years, weight problems have doubled
• One in five fifteen year olds is obese
• Some under-sixteens admit to drinking ten units
of alcohol a week
• One quarter of fifteen year olds are regular
• One in three has tried cannabis
• Health of teenagers is deteriorating at the same
time that health of other groups is improving
Proposed solutions?
• Increased parental involvement
• Wider range of sports available in schools
• After school sports should focus on participation rather
than just winning
• Encourage regular health checks with doctors coming to
schools and explaining situation to teens
• Encourage teens to take responsibility for their own health
• Schools should make cookery lessons compulsory
• Older students could mentor younger ones
• Use technology in a positive way: apps to track fitness,
weight loss, diet etc.
• It is a problem, and a growing one
• However, we should focus on what can be
done rather than blaming teens for existing