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Northcentral University is proud to present the new email accounts. With this new email account you’ll be able to access your email anywhere there’s an internet browser. These services are powered by the Microsoft Windows Live environment. At Northcentral University, will be the primary on‐campus communication, calendar, and collaboration service, eventually replacing Compass messaging once our Learners are successfully on as well. Please use this as your primary email to communicate with our Learners. Northcentral’s IT Acceptable Use policy and Faculty Mentor/Learner Contact policy remain unchanged. We will add a “” link in the Communications panel of the Mentor portal, but to begin accessing your new email account today, direct your browser to: You’ll be presented with a “sign in” screen. Enter your current Northcentral email’s username (the name part of your email address) followed by “”. E.g. “”. Initially your password is set to Wasd!234. The first time you sign in, you’ll be asked to review the usage agreement and reset your password. When changing your password it’s best to use upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and a symbol. This will create a strong password. After changing your password you will be prompted to login again using your email address and new password. Upon signing in, you’ll be presented with your email interface. In this interface you can interact with your emails. All of your email functions are available: read, create, delete, forward, and reply. You’ll also have access to calendar, contacts, and tasks. Top Toolbar The toolbar at the top of the page provides links to other areas of the web site. The structure of the toolbar is as follows: Mail Office More These menu options send you to your email functions along with calendaring and contacts. The office options allow you to create documents using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. The “More” menu sends you to other places like SkyDrive, Downloads, and Mobile settings. Left Toolbar The toolbar on the left‐hand side of the page provides links to email, the calendar, contact, and tasks. Calendar With the calendar you may add appointments and schedule events. Contacts In the contacts screen, you can add contacts that you can send emails to. Account Setup Please take a few moments to customize your account using the Options feature. This is the area where you can set customized email responses when out of town, change font preferences, and alternate email addresses should you forget your password and want the password reset information sent. Options page The Options page. Password reset We highly recommend that you add an alternate email, or supply a secret question and answer to retrieve a lost password. To start the process click on the “Change your password” link off the Options page. Below is the “Secret question” screen. If you prefer not to enter your location, you may use Northcentral’s location as seen below. Or you may enter an alternate email to which instructions will be sent. If you lose your password and have trouble retrieving it through the methods mentioned above, you may contact Northcentral’s Technical Support for assistance. Additional Features available Office Operations Your account also comes with office tools to help you create documents. Once you create a new document, you’ll be presented with a familiar Microsoft Word ribbon bar in order to create your documents. Your documents are automatically saved in your SkyDrive. SkyDrive SkyDrive allows you to store documents online (in the cloud) so that you can access them from anywhere. You have 25 Gig of storage space and you have the ability to keep your files private, or allow the public to access them. Devices You can sync files between several computers (or phones). This feature uses 2 GB of your SkyDrive space. Mobile If you have a smart phone, you can install apps that help you communicate with others via instant message and email. Downloads Download free applications such as instant messenger, mail, photo album, and movie maker. Outlook You may also link your email account to your Outlook. Please see the instructions in the Options area of or contact Northcentral’s Technical Support for additional help. If you have any questions about this new email enhancement, don’t hesitate to contact Technical Support toll free at 1‐
888‐628‐1567 or by email at or