By Ms. Shellenberger's Second Grade Class

Ms. Shellenberger’s
Second Grade Class
Ms. Shellenberger’s
Second Grade Class
October 2001
This book
our families.
By Reed Shaw
Anubis has a head of a jackal and a body of a
man. He was the god of the dead. This is because
jackals were usually seen digging around the tombs.
His mother was the goddess Isis. Anubis and another
jackal-headed god named Ap-uat guided souls around
the after life.
By Nyssa Cornelius
Neith was the ancient goddess of war. She was
also known as the goddess of wisdom. Neith looks
like she is carrying a large spoon or pot on her head.
Her job was to protect Duamutet, the god of the
By Pilar Marshall
Hathor was a very old goddess. She was the
goddess of the cow, but later was called the goddess
of the sky. Hathor is Horus’ wife. Horus is the god of
the sky. Isis is Hathor’s mother-in-law. Osiris is
Hathor’s father-in-law. She had cow horns on her
head. In Thebes, she was the goddess of the dead.
Later, she was called the goddess of the sky but she
was still the goddess of the cows.
By Alec Beretz
Horus is one of the most important gods of
Egypt. Horus is the god of the sky and the son of
Osiris and Isis. Horus’ eye is the symbol of
By Connor Lilley
Re can be spelled two ways: Re, as you see
above, or Ra. Re was the sun god. He was shown as
a hawk or as a man with a hawk head. Many of the
gods and goddesses were related to Re.
By Josh Reeder
Khons was the god of the moon. There was a
story told about Khons playing a game of senet
against Thoth (a god). Khons lost the game and had
to give some of his light from the moon to Thoth.
This is why the moon does not shine bright every day
of the month.
By Victoria Drumm
Thoth was self-created at the beginning of time.
He was shown as a man with the head of an ibis bird
and carrying a pen and scrolls. On the scrolls he
carried, he recorded all things. Thoth was also said
to be the inventor of hieroglyphs.
By Meghan Rader
Selkhet was a scorpion goddess. She was shown
as a beautiful woman with a scorpion on her head.
Selkhet saved many people from deadly scorpion
bites. She would only save the people that she
believed to be good.
By Sarah Fredrick
Mentu had a falcon face. He was the god of war.
Mentu united with Horus, who was the head god of
Thebes. I found out you can spell his name Mentu or
Montu. He was a boy and his sacred animal was the
bull. Mentu had a crown with a disc and two ostrich
feathers. He held a phoenix (bird) wand in his left
hand and an ankh in his right hand.
By Allison Higgins
Nephthys was called the “Lady of the House.”
She was the Egyptian goddess of the dead. She was
one of the guardians that guarded the dead body of
Osiris. She is shown as a woman wearing a crown
with a hieroglyphic symbol for house on it.
By Joren Sacre
Amen means the “Hidden One.” He was the
invisible power source of all earth and the great deep
and the underworld. His famous temple, Karnak, was
the largest religious building ever built by man. The
goose and the ram were special to Amen.
By Kathryn Darling
Maat was the wife of Thoth and the daughter of
Ra. Her name meant truth and justice. She was a
tall woman with an ostrich feather in her hair. The
feather was used to tell if the dead led a good life.
By Dacey Lewis
Sekhmet was a lioness goddess. Ra made her.
Ra made her from the fire in his eyes. She was to
punish people for being bad but later she was
changed into the peaceful goddess of pleasure and
By Reid Dickerson
Apedemak was a warrior god. He had a lion
head. His favorite animal was a big lion. Apedemak
is my favorite god because he is a warrior god.
By Mariel Andersen
Bast protected cats and cat owners. She was
worshipped in the Delta City of Bubastis. Cats were
very sacred. They were also known to be protectors
of their homes. The rattle in Bast’s hand is called a
sistrim. She also rules over happiness, dancing and
By Jamell Coleman
Osiris was the god of the dead. He ruled the
world of men in the beginning. He was the protector
of the dead. Osiris wore a cone on his head. He
lived long ago before anybody in this world did. The
Egyptians believed that Osiris gave them the gift of
barley. This is one of their most important crops.
By Heather Crosby
Nun was the god of the universe. He did not
have his own temple. Some people call him the
Father of the Gods. Sometimes you will see pictures
of Nun in waist high water and his arms are pointed
to the sun.
By Lindsay White
Isis was one of the most important goddesses.
She was the protective goddess. She used her
powerful magic spells to help people in need. Isis
was the wife of Osiris and the sister of Set and the
twin sister of Nephthys. She was also the mother of
Horus. Isis is often shown holding Horus on her lap.
By Smitha Theriault
Tefnut was the goddess of moisture and the clouds.
She was the daughter of Ra. Tefnut was shown as a
woman with the head of a lion. Her name means to
spit or to moisten. She is one of the goddesses who
is called the Eye of Ra.
By Hagan Rushton
Duafmutef was one of the four sons of Horus. They
protected Osiris’ body parts after he died. The other
sons were Imsety, Hapi and Qebhsenuef. Duamutef
was the one who watched over the stomach of the
dead. The goddess, Neith protected him. He was
shown as a canopic jar with a head of a jackal.
By Garrett Watkins
Nekhbet was the vulture goddess of Upper Egypt.
She was shown as a vulture or as the white crown of
Upper Egypt. She was called the mother goddess
who protects the king. Nekhbet was responsible for
wild birds, death/rebirth, and the creation of life.
The Egyptians? by Joanna Defrates
Ancient Egypt by Judith Crosher
On the Banks of the Pharaoh’s Nile by Corinne Courtain
Ancient Egypt by George Hart
Shabti figures were put into the
tomb of a dead person to do their
work in the afterlife.
The Game of Senet
the sign of life
I wonder……….
*I wonder if there are any more goddesses that we do not
know about?
*How do the gods and goddesses become gods and
*Why was the ibis bird chosen for Thoth?
*Do the Egyptians still believe in gods and goddesses?
*If gods and goddesses were real, what would they do in
everyday life?
*Are all the gods and goddesses in the same family?
*At what point in time were all the gods and goddesses
*Did gods and goddesses live in the underworld?
*Where do they all live?
*How did they get their names?
*Did the shabti help the gods and goddesses?
*Who is the most powerful god?
*Was Ra a god that lived in the underworld?
*Who was the first god or goddesses to be created?
*Does each god and goddess have their own separate
*Did the gods and goddesses look over the kings after their
*Did Thoth always carry the feathered pen and scroll?
*Who took care of the scales of truth after Maat was gone?
* How far up in the sky did they live if they were a sky god?