Student Veterans Organization

Camo to Campus Objective
•  Camo to Campus is for applicants to WCCC and new
students who are veterans, service members or
otherwise affiliated with the military.
•  WCCC strives to assist military-affiliated students as
they transition to college to increase their opportunity
for success.
•  This presentation provides the basics of what you
need to know as a military-affiliated student to start
classes at WCCC.
Adjusting to College Life at WCCC
•  This may be your first time attending college or
maybe you’re transitioning from the military or
another school.
•  You may be a returning student who has not attended
WCCC for several years.
•  Entering college or transferring from another school
brings a whole new set of expectations, challenges
and goals.
Let WCCC help you “Gear Up” for success!
Gear Up for Your First Semester
•  Class Registration – Be sure to schedule your Placement Assessment and
Educational Planning Session to get registered for classes. For more
information, go to the Placement Assessment website.
•  Payment/Financial Aid – Some of the ways to pay for college tuition, fees
and books are VA Educational Benefits, financial aid, scholarships and
self-payment. See more details on the following Financial Aid/GI Bill pages.
•  Sign in to the Portal - Log on to the MyWCCC Portal ( for
access to your email account (Microsoft Outlook), student account info
(WebAdvisor), online classes (Blackboard) plus campus news, workstudy
opportunities and more.
•  Textbooks - Refer to the appropriate booklist on the Bookstore website
( Pay for your books with financial aid or your
own money.
Gear Up for Success
•  Disability Services - WCCC provides equal access to educational
opportunities for all qualified students with disabilities. Contact Student
Development to make an appointment with a counselor at 724.925.4121.
For more information, go to the Disability Services Office website.
•  Tutoring - Complete an application in the College Learning Center
(Founders Hall, Room 555) or your local WCCC center to access free
tutoring services or call 724.925.4135.
•  WCCC College Catalog and Student Handbook –
visit h'ps:// for important informa9on on: Admissions, financial aid, academic policies – pgs. 1‐32 Programs of study and course descrip9ons – pgs. 33‐221 Student services/resources/rights/responsibili9es and student life – pgs. 271‐286 Gear Up Details
To obtain more details on Gear Up topics, visit:
For more information about starting your first semester contact:
Jackie Greenawalt
Student Services Support Assistant
Academic Support Services
Founders Hall, Room 555
Financial Aid/GI Bill Overview
•  The following provides information on how to apply for and
maintain VA Educational Benefits as well as Financial Aid.
•  Apply early so you will receive the money in a timely manner.
•  If you have any questions, please contact as soon as possible
Wendy Seman
VA Certifying Official/Financial Aid Assistant
Veterans Administration Education Benefits
General Information
Here is an overview of VA educational benefits:
Steps to start the process:
•  Apply- Do the VONAPP (Veterans Online Application)
•  Complete the Veterans Request for Certification Form- Submit to
Wendy Seman in the Financial Aid Office (Complete this form every
semester after you register for class.)
•  Post 9/11 Students: VA will send you a Certificate of Eligibility after
you are approved for the Post 9/11 GI Bill®. Submit this form to
Wendy Seman in Financial Aid.
Veterans Administration Education Benefits
General Information
Reasons to stay in contact with the VA Certifying Official
1.  Change or add a major
2.  Adding or dropping a class
3.  Change in your military status
The VA/DOD eBenefits website provides resources and self-service capabilities
to veterans, service members and their families to research, access and manage
their VA and military benefits and personal information. •  Visit
•  Downloading VA forms
•  Information about obtaining military records
•  Update direct deposit information
•  Post 9/11 GI Bill® Enrollment Status
•  Home Loans
•  Compensation
•  Plus additional resources
Applying For Financial Aid
You may also receive federal or state Financial Aid while receiving
VA Educational Benefits
•  Select Start a New FAFSA
•  After submitting your completed FAFSA online, it takes 3-5 days for WCCC to
receive the FAFSA information
•  Sign in using your FAFSA pin #
•  Select Complete Counseling
•  Select entrance counseling and read and answer all questions
•  Select Complete your Master Promissory Note
•  Type of loan-Subsidized/Unsubsidized
•  Complete your Master Promissory Note and submit it
•  WCCC receives this information in 24 hours
Applying For Financial Aid
For more information about applying for Financial Aid, contact
VA Certifying Official /Financial Aid Assistant
Student Services/ Financial Aid
Founders Hall, Room 130
Military Transcripts and
Transfer of Credits
How to request your official Joint Services Transcript
•  Go to
•  A dialog box may appear to tell you that there is a problem with the
website’s security. Click “Continue” to proceed.
•  You will need to register for a JST account, and then follow the steps
provided on the website.
To transfer military or other college credits to WCCC
•  You will need to complete the Transfer of Credit Form. This form can be
found online or picked up at the Admissions Office or any WCCC Center.
Transfer of Credits
For more information about transferring credits to WCCC, contact
Coordinator/Admissions - Special Programs
Student Services
Founders Hall, Room 130
More Services for MilitaryAffiliated Students
•  WCCC’s Veterans Information website can be found at:
•  Priority Registration for Veterans and Military Students - WCCC offers Priority
Registration for veterans and other military-affiliated students which provides early
registration one week prior to open registration for each semester. See the Veterans
Information website for exact dates in March/October and documentation required.
•  Military Withdrawal ‐ Students who must withdraw from school due to military orders to ac9ve duty (other than ac9ve duty for training, including, in the case of members of the PA Na9onal Guard, ac9ve state duty) or if the students is a service member’s spouse, may be eligible to receive a military withdrawal on their transcript. The student must submit their ac9ve duty military orders to Jan Grabowski, Registrar, in Admissions‐Founders Hall, Room 130. If approved, a grade of “M” will appear on the transcript.
•  Student Veterans Organization - The college is in the process of starting a student
veterans organization for past and current members of the Armed Forces to promote,
unify and advocate for the veteran’s voice on and off campus. Please contact John
Scassellati, faculty, if you are interested at 724.925.5985.
We’re Here For Your Success!
Please feel free to contact any of the staff below who work together, along with other college staff, to provide services to support our veterans and military service members who are students at WCCC. Transferring Credits to WCCC
Applying for Financial Aid
Starting Your First Semester
Admissions Coordinator
Student Services
Founders Hall, Room 130
VA Certifying Official /Financial Aid
Student Services/ Financial Aid
Founders Hall, Room 130
Student Service Support Assistant
Academic Support Services
Founders Hall, Room 555
Academic Accommodations
WCCC Student Veterans Organization
Student Development
Founders Hall, Room 130
Assistant Professor/Chemistry
Science Hall, Room 3300F
We’re Here For Your Success!
Thank You
For viewing the Camo to Campus
information session.
We hope the resources presented
are helpful as you prepare to
begin classes at WCCC.
Feel free to offer your comments on Camo to Campus to
Jackie Greenawalt at