Topical Outline of Volume I

Topical Outline of Volume I
I. Introduction
Alexander Hamilton, Report on Manufacturers 99
Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address 99
“An Introductory Statement of the Democratic
Principle,” The Democratic Review 190
John Quincy Adams, First Annual Message 192
David J. Brewer, “The Nation’s Safeguard” 326
Woodrow Wilson, “The Meaning of Democracy” 327
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Commonwealth Club
Address 423
Dwight Eisenhower, Letter to Edgar Newton
Eisenhower 424
Richard M. Nixon, Speech Accepting the
Republican Presidential Nomination 516
Jimmy Carter, Inaugural Address 517
Ronald Reagan, First Inaugural Address 566
William J. Clinton, Fourth Annual Message 616
Barack Obama, Inaugural Address 618
II. Judicial Power and Constitutional
A. General
William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of
England 35
Massachusetts Assembly Memorial 37
John Dickinson, Letters from a Farmer in
Pennsylvania 38
B. Judicial Review
Robert Yates, Brutus 57
The Federalist, No. 78 58
Calder v. Bull 104
Marbury v. Madison 106
Slaughter-House Cases 333
Theodore Roosevelt, “A Charter of Democracy” 342
William Howard Taft, Veto of Arizona
Statehood 343
United States v. Carolene Products 429
William H. Rehnquist, “The Notion of a Living
Constitution” 572
William J. Brennan, “The Constitution of the United
States: Contemporary Ratification” 574
The Nomination of Robert H. Bork to the
Supreme Court 576
Ronald Reagan, “Address to the Nation” 576
Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings on the
Nomination of Robert Bork 578
Note: Modern Court-Curbing 581
City of Boerne v. Flores 621
The Nomination of Samuel Alito to the U.S.
Supreme Court 624
C. Judicial Supremacy
Thomas Jefferson on Departmentalism 112
Lincoln on Departmentalism 256
Franklin Roosevelt, Undelivered Speech on the
Gold-Clause Cases 431
Franklin Roosevelt, Fireside Chat on Court-Packing
Plan 433
Senate Judiciary Report on President Roosevelt’s
Court-Packing Plan 437
The Southern Manifesto 438
Dwight Eisenhower, Address to the Nation on the
Introduction of Troops in Little Rock 439
Cooper v. Aaron 440
Note: Court-Curbing and the Warren Court 442
Edwin Meese, “The Law of the Constitution” 569
D. Federal Review of the States
Martin v. Hunter’s Lessee 115
Note: The Incorporation of the Bill of Rights 456
E. Constitutional Litigation
Luther v. Borden 198
Mississippi v. Johnson 258
Ex parte McCardle 261
Frothington v. Mellon 345
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Topical Outline of Volume I
Note: Declaratory Judgments 443
Flast v. Cohen 444
Baker v. Carr 449
Powell v. McCormack 520
Laird v. Tatum 523
Rehnquist Memo in Laird v. Tatum 527
Doe v. Bush 627
Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection
Agency 629
F. Judicial Structure and Selection
Note: Jacksonians Reorganize the Federal
Judiciary 194
Debate on the Electoral Accountability of the
Judiciary, Ohio Constitutional Convention 196
Note: The Republicans Reorganize the
Judiciary 254
Note: Judicial Appointments and
Confirmations 632
Senate Debate on the “Nuclear Option” 634
G. The Absence of a Bill of Rights
James Wilson, State House Yard Speech 62
The Federalist, No. 84 63
III. Powers of the National Government
A. General
Thomas Whately, The Regulations Lately Made 40
Daniel Dulany, Considerations of the Propriety of
Imposing Taxes in the British Colonies 42
Articles of Confederation 65
The Virginia Plan 67
The New Jersey Plan 68
Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United
States 70
Samuel Adams, Letter to Richard Henry Lee 71
The Federalist, Nos. 1, 10, and 23 71
Note: Slavery and the Constitution 75
Note: Strict Construction 119
Ronald Reagan, Remarks at the National
Conference of State Legislatures 583
B. Necessary and Proper Clause
Debate on the Bank of the United States 123
House Debate on the Bank 126
Thomas Jefferson, Opinion on the
Constitutionality of the Bill for Establishing a
National Bank 127
Alexander Hamilton, Opinion as to the
Constitutionality of the Bank of the United
States 128
McCulloch v. Maryland 129
Spencer Roane and John Marshall on McCulloch
v. Maryland 134
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Debate on the Military Draft 137
James Monroe, Proposal for a Military
Draft 137
Daniel Webster, Speech on the Proposed
Military Draft 138
Andrew Jackson, Veto Message Regarding the Bank
of the United States 202
Legal Tender 264
Congressional Debate on the Legal Tender
Bill 266
Hepburn v. Griswold 267
Legal Tender Cases 269
Selective Draft Law Cases (Arver et al. v. U.S.) 380
C. Power to Regulate Commerce
United States v. The William 146
Josiah Quincy, Speech on Foreign Relations 148
Gibbons v. Ogden 149
Senate Debate on the Sherman Anti-Trust Act 357
United States v. E. C. Knight Company 359
Note: Federalism, the Sherman Act, and the
Unions 362
Champion v. Ames [“The Lottery Case”] 363
Hammer v. Dagenhart 365
Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States 461
National Labor Relations Board v. Jones & Laughlin
Steel Corp. 464
Wickard v. Filburn 467
Robert Jackson, Memo on Wickard 470
United States v. Lopez 640
Gonzales v. Raich 647
D. Federal Power to Enforce Civil Rights
Senate Debate over the Civil Rights Act of 1866 273
Civil Rights Act of 1866 276
Note: From the Civil Rights Act to the Civil Rights
Cases 347
Civil Rights Cases 347
Congressional Debate on Lynching 352
Congressional Debate over the Civil Rights Act of
1964 472
Heart of Atlanta Motel, Inc. v. United States 474
South Carolina v. Katzenbach 477
United States v. Morrison 653
E. Taxing and Spending Power
House Report on Internal Improvements 154
James Monroe, “Views of the President of the
United States on the Subject of Internal
Improvements” 155
Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan and Trust Company 368
Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan and Trust Company
(Rehearing) 373
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Topical Outline of Volume I
Bailey v. Drexel Furniture Company 376
United States v. Butler 480
Steward Machine Co. v. Davis 484
South Dakota v. Dole 585
F. Territorial Acquisition and Governance
Senate Debate on the Louisiana Purchase 140
House Debate on the Missouri Compromise 142
Congressional Debate on the Annexation of
Texas 214
Dred Scott v. Sandford 216
Abraham Lincoln, Speech on Slavery in the
Territories 220
Insular Cases 382
G. Fugitive Slave Clause
Salmon Chase, Speech in the Case of the Colored
Woman Matilda 207
Prigg v. Pennsylvania 208
John Crittenden, Opinion on the Constitutionality
of the Fugitive Slave Bill 211
H. Treaty Power
Missouri v. Holland 377
IV. Federalism
A. States and the Commerce Clause
Willson v. Black Bird Creek Marsh Company 223
City of New York v. Miln 224
Cooley v. Board of Wardens of the Port of
Philadelphia 226
Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Railway Company v.
Illinois 393
Garcia v. San Antonio Metropolitan Transit
Authority, et al. 589
B. Police Powers
Thomas M. Cooley, Constitutional
Limitations 396
Munn v. Illinois 397
C. Sovereign Immunity
Chisholm v. Georgia 159
Note: The Passage of the Eleventh
Amendment 162
Alden v. Maine 670
D. State Immunity from Federal Regulation
National League of Cities v. Usery 532
E. Non-Comandeering
Printz v. United States 664
F. States and Native American Sovereignty
Worcester v. Georgia 232
G. Interstate Travel
Shapiro v. Thompson 537
H. Representation of State Interests
Debate in the Constitutional Convention 80
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Melancton Smith, Speech to the New York
Ratification Convention 82
George F. Hoar, “Direct Election of Senators” 401
State Regulation of Federal Elections
U.S. Term Limits v. Thornton 658
State Authority to Interpret the Constitution
Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 164
Resolution to the State of Rhode Island and
Providence Plantations to Virginia 166
John C. Calhoun, Fort Hill Address 228
Andrew Jackson, Proclamation on
Nullification 230
Constitutional Amendment and Ratification
Note: The Validity of the Fourteenth
Amendment 294
Note: The Validity of the Twenty-Seventh
Amendment 594
South Carolina Ordinance of Secession 277
Jeremiah Black, Opinion on the Power of the
President in Executing the Laws 279
Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural Address 280
The Status of the Southern States during
William T. Sherman, “Memorandum” 286
Andrew Johnson, First Annual Message 286
Henry Winter Davis, “No Peace Before
Victory” 288
Charles Sumner, “State Rebellion, State
Suicide” 289
Thaddeus Stevens, Speech on Reconstruction 290
Texas v. White 290
Federalism During the Civil War
Federalism in the North 282
Note: The Creation of West Virginia 282
Federalism in the South 284
V. Separation of Powers
A. General
Boston List of Infringements 44
The Declaration of Independence 45
Debate in the Constitutional Convention 45
The Federalist, Nos. 51, 70, and 71 88
Centinel, Letter No. 1 90
Note: The Power to Act beyond the
Constitution 168
Abraham Lincoln, Fourth of July Message to
Congress 296
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer 493
B. Presidential War and Foreign Affairs Powers
James Polk, Second Annual Message 240
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Topical Outline of Volume I
House Debate on the Constitutionality of the
Mexican War 241
Abraham Lincoln, “Emancipation
Proclamation” 308
Benjamin Curtis, Executive Power 308
The Prize Cases 311
Leonard C. Meeker, The Legality of the United States
Participation in the Defense of Viet-Nam 544
J. William Fulbright, Congress and Foreign Policy 545
The War Powers Act of 1973 547
Richard Nixon, Veto of the War Powers
Resolution 549
United States v. United States District Court [the
“Keith Case”] 550
John Yoo, The President’s Constitutional Authority
to Conduct Military Operations 687
Memoranda on Standards of Conduct of
Interrogation [“Torture Memos”] 691
Jay S. Bybee, Memo to Alberto R. Gonzales,
Counsel to the President 691
John Yoo, Memo to William Hayes II,
General Counsel of the Department of
Defense 693
Daniel Levin, Memo to James B. Comey, Deputy
Attorney General 696
Caroline D. Krass, Memorandum on the Authority
to Use Military Force in Libya 696
John Cornyn, Speech on Congressional Authorization
for the Use of Military Force in Libya 699
C. Martial Law and Habeas Corpus
Ex parte Merryman 299
Edward Bates, Opinion on the Suspension of the
Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus 301
The Habeas Corpus Act of 1863 303
Hamdi v. Rumsfeld 701
D. Appointment and Removal Powers
House Debate on Removal of Executive
Officers 170
Myers v. United States 403
Humphrey’s Executor v. United States 502
E. Presidential Power to Execute the Law
William Wirt, Opinion on the President and
Accounting Officers 178
The Debate over the Removal of Deposits 234
Andrew Jackson, Paper on the Removal of
Deposits 235
Henry Clay, Speech on the Removal of the
Deposits 236
Andrew Jackson, Protest of the Censure
Resolution 238
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Bowsher v. Synar 603
Morrison v. Olson 606
Walter Dellinger, “Presidential Authority
to Decline to Execute Unconstitutional
Statutes” 681
Note: The Bush Administration, Presidential Signing
Statements, and the Obligation to Faithfully
Execute the Law 683
Inherent Presidential Power
Presidents on Presidential Power 407
Grover Cleveland, “The Independence of the
Executive” 408
Theodore Roosevelt, An Autobiography 408
William Howard Taft, Our Chief Magistrate and
His Powers 409
Woodrow Wilson, Constitutional Government in
the United States 410
Executive Privilege
House Debate on the Jay Treaty 173
George Washington, Response to the House on the
Jay Treaty 174
James Madison, Response to the President’s
Message 175
William P. Rogers, Senate Testimony on Executive
Privilege 509
United States v. Nixon 553
Cheney v. United States District Court for the
District of Columbia 708
Immunity from Judicial Processes
Clinton v. Jones 711
Legislative Powers of the President
Note: The Veto Power and the Legislative Role of
the President 176
House Debate on the Veto Power 245
Nondelegation of Legislative Power
J. W. Hampton, Jr. & Co. v. United States 412
Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States 505
United States v. Curtiss-Wright Export
Corporation 507
Sharing the Legislative Power
Immigration and Naturalization Service v.
Chadha 597
Clinton v. City of New York 678
Impeaching and Censuring the President
Note: The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson 313
Elections and Political Parties
Note: The Constitution and the Election of
1800 179
Note: Crisis of 1876 and the Electoral Count Act of
1887 413
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