Lecture Ready 3 Chapter 1 – Vocabulary (pp. 3

Understanding Academic Lectures – L. Siebert Lecture Ready 3 Chapter 1 – Vocabulary (pp. 3‐4) Synonyms and Parts of Speech a.
influence rational differentiate brand suggest 1. _____ Many people cannot tell apart identical twins. 2. _____ People with young children give the logical answer of “safety” as being the most important consideration when buying a new car. 3. _____ Although the commercial didn’t state it directly, it implied that the luxurious car was very expensive. Synonyms: tell apart = ________________________ Part of Speech = ____________________ logical = __________________________ Part of Speech = ____________________ imply = ___________________________ Part of Speech = ____________________ Word Forms a. unconsciously b. unconscious c. unconsciousness 1. Ahmed was ________________________________ of the fact that deep down he was extremely homesick and wanted to go home. He was unaware that this ______________________________ feeling was part of the reason why he wasn’t passing his classes. 2. She thought she wanted the new Mercedes sedan because of all the safety features, but ________________________________ she wanted the new car because it showed her status and wealth to other people. 3. Her husband’s _______________________________ about why he never wants to spend any money (even though they have a lot) frustrates her. He thinks it is because he is a good money manager and a good saver. She knows it is because he grew up very poor and is scared about not having enough money to support his family. Understanding Academic Lectures – L. Siebert Word Forms a. motivation b. motivate c. motivated 1. The extremely ______________________________ IELP learner studies English at home for six hours every day after classes. 2. Two ways to categorize ________________________________ are internal and external. For example, internal ____________________________ means that your desire to achieve a goal comes from inside of you, like you want to improve yourself. External ___________________________, on the other hand, comes from a source outside of you, such as your parents or older siblings. 3. Apple Computer has been the source of many new technologies, such as touch screen smart phones and tablets. As a result, they ____________________________ other computer companies to also try to create innovative technologies so they can compete with Apple. Fill in the Blanks influence target rational motivate brand image suggest product Two popular 1) _______________________________ of sports apparel are Nike and Adidas. Each company works through advertising to create an 2) ________________________________ that is appealing to customers so that they will buy their 3) ________________________________. A customer’s decision to purchase either Nike or Adidas 4) _________________________________ by factors such as cost, how it looks, and how it makes the customer feel. Competition between Nike and Adidas is very stiff because they share a similar 5) ________________________________ market. Sentence Writing (write sentences that show you understand the meaning of the word) 1. influence 2. rational 3. brand