Social Studies 11 Course Outline

Social Studies 11 Course Outline
Students of Social Studies 11 will complete 3 units in preparation for a Government
examination. Regular communication between student and teacher whether by phone or email is
an essential feature of this course.
Units of Study:
Estimated Time
40% (8 weeks)
50% (10 weeks)
10% (2 weeks)
Unit 1 - Human Geography – Canada and the World
Unit 2 - History – 20th Century Canada
Unit 3 - Government and Law – Canada
The above times are estimates only. In some cases, students with clearly defined goals can work
ahead and finish early, while students who take 2 semesters will double the time per unit.
Course Summary:
Social Studies 11 may be the most interesting and challenging of all Social Studies courses in
Secondary School. Students encounter topical and relevant issues as they study Human
Geography, including aspects of population growth and management; resource use and
management; and compare standards of living between Canada and the Third World. The
History unit examines turn-of-the-century attitudes and events, Canada at war (WW1 and WW2),
and post-war politics, economics and social growth and change. The Government unit
encourages students to learn about different political systems, reviews the electoral process,
revisits the Constitution and introduces students to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Course Resources:
Counterpoints. Exploring Canadian Issues. (Michael Cranny et al). (An online text is
provided within the course).
Internet sources.
Course Assessment:
5% Activation assignment
35% Text assignments
20% Unit Tests
20% Forum Responses
20% Papers/Projects
Course IRPs:
For a detailed description of this course, review the Ministry of Education IRP,
Go to: SS 11 IRPs
When Help is Needed:
Your teacher will be available Monday to Friday during regular school hours. If you are having trouble
with any of the concepts, you can phone, message, email or, if you live nearby, drop in. You may be
provided with addition written/verbal instruction, provided with alternate material or directed to other