oil replenishment system

Automatic Oil Level
Replenishment System.
Oil is one of the highest costs a
logistic or bus company can have.
Maintaining an optimal oil level at all
times improves engine efficiency,
minimises emissions, and provides
substantial cost savings to the operator.
Trying to do this manually relies on
vigilance and discipline from the driver
and the maintenance staff.
Interlube Systems “RS” monitors the oil
level in the engine and if necessary
supplies a measured pre-set volume of oil
from it’s own reservoir until the engine oil
level is once again at optimum.
This removes the need for daily dipstick checks.
“RS” provides substantial saving in the following ways:
Only oil purchased from the depot is used.
Oil is of consistent quality.
Operation at optimum oil level ensured.
Less maintenance time on oil level checks.
Full history of oil consumption by vehicle available.
Reduced vehicle down time and repairs.
System Features
Engine ignition initiates oil level check.
System health check performed on every start-up.
warning lamp
A tilt switch fitted to the electronic control unit (ECU) overrides any
erroneous readings.
ECU has complete memory function, monitors system status, and
controls and counts pump filling cycles.
Field adjustable number of filling cycles.
Fault diagnosis available in real time
Cab mounted test push button with system status lights.
Transient, Polarity and Short Circuit protection; and EMC compliant to 95/54EC.
System comes complete with mounting brackets, pipe work and connectors.
sump plug
System Components
Resevoir - semi transparent plastic available in 15 litre option. Fitted with anti splash filler breather assembly and low level sensor for
monitoring filling cycles.
Optional locking filler cap available.
Pump - 3OOcc/min. gear pump driven by 12v. or 24v. d.c. 67W bi-directional motor supplying a 25Occ measuring chamber.
Measuring chamber expandable to a maximum 5OOcc.
Sump Oil Sensing Chamber - fitted with a level sensor the unit is mounted adjacent to the sump and piped directly to a sump plug
adaptor. The level window ensures that the unit is fitted in the optimum position. Supplied complete with wiring and connectors for
connection to the ECU.
Systems come complete with oil replenishment pipe work and connectors to the engine.
Technical Specifications
Pump Module Supply Voltage:
Power Consumption:
Dimensions (mm)
15 litres
15 litres
Operating Temperature
-25ºC to +40ºC
EMC Tested
IP66 protection
Mounting Brackets: (designed to suit)
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