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A sump pump is a machine used to pump liquid
from one location to another (e.g. flood water in
a basement will be pumped to an outside drain
Sump pumps are typically located in basements
because a basement is the lowest point of a
house, is below the water line, and can frequently
have flooding problems
They are called sump pumps, because “sump”
means pit or hole and that is where the pump is
typically placed
Sump pumps can be electrically, battery, or water
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Pedestal sump pumps are placed above a sump pit,
making access and repairs easier.
Submersible sump pumps are put into a sump pit,
making it more challenging to access or repair. They
are encased in watertight coverings to protect the
working parts.
Water powered sump pump hook up to a city’s water
system to leverage water pressure.
Commercial/industrial sump pumps have higher
horse power and can pump more gallons per hour
and are typically only used for commercial use.
Backup Sump Pumps are used as a secondary sump
pump in case of an emergency (e.g. power outage or
primary pump fails)
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Size your pump correctly to make sure it will
provide the best efficiency for your needs.
Determine your pump capacity, or the volume of
water pumped in gallons per minute and the
travel distance of the water (height and distance).
Determine the pipe size. A minimum of 10
millimeters is recommended in case stones need
to pass through the pipe and the discharge pipe
should be at least 1 ¼ inches.
Look for a pumping head of at least 10 feet in
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