ENG10: American Literature VOCABULARY QUIZ #3 – Friday

ENG10: American Literature VOCABULARY QUIZ #3 – Friday, September 12, 2014 – 20 words The quiz will be primarily multiple choice but may also ask you to write sentences using the words. The multiple choice questions may ask you about the definitions of the words (below), the part of speech of a word, a synonym or antonym for a word, or there may be questions where you must choose the vocabulary word that best completes a sentence (fill in the blank). I will assume that you know the meaning of words used on previous quizzes; these words may appear in questions on future quizzes. (I will not, however, ask you to give a definition of a word from a previous quiz.) 1. jaded (adj) – worn out; dulled, as from overindulgence [frequently used to describe love] 2. gist (n) – the main point 3. advocate (v) – to recommend; to speak in favor of 4. efface (v) – to obliterate; to wipe out 5. charisma (n) – personal appeal or attraction; magnetism of personality 6. ogre (n) – a brute; a large monster; a frightful giant 7. mesmerize (v) – to hypnotize 8. entity (n) – anything having existence, either physical or mystical 9. bandy (v) – to exchange words; to discuss casually 10. dastardly (adj) – cowardly and treacherous 11. nepotism (n) – favoritism shown to family or friends by those in power, especially in business or hiring practices 12. begrudge (v) – to resent another’s success; to envy 13. mandarin (n) – an influential person; a member of an elite group 14. glutinous (adj) – gluey, sticky 15. enmity (n) – deep-­‚Äźseated hostility, often mutual 16. declaim (v) – to speak in dramatic, impassioned, or blustering manner 17. imbue (v) – to inspire or influence; to saturate 18. gaff (n) – a pole with a large hook on one end 19. quaff (v) – to drink in large quantities; to gulp 20. bibliophile (n) – a lover of books