ENG10: American Literature VOCABULARY QUIZ #2 – Friday

ENG10: American Literature
VOCABULARY QUIZ #2 – Friday, September 5, 2014 – 20 words
The quiz will be primarily multiple choice but may also ask you to write sentences using the words.
The multiple choice questions may ask you about the definitions of the words (below), the part of speech of a
word, a synonym or antonym for a word, or there may be questions where you must choose the vocabulary word
that best completes a sentence (fill in the blank).
I will assume that you know the meaning of words used on previous quizzes; these words may appear in questions
on future quizzes. (I will not, however, ask you to give a defintion of a word from a previous quiz.) Example: Ron
dallied in getting his mail out on Monday, so his sister Helen received a __________ birthday card from him the
following week. (ANSWER: belated)
1. edifice (n) – a large, elaborate structure; an imposing building
2. ambidextrous (adj) – equally skilled with either hand
3. belated (adj) – delayed
4. animate (v) – to give life or motion to
5. knead (v) – to work dough or clay into a uniform mixture
6. chauvinist (n) – one having a fanatical devotion to a country, gender, or religion, with contempt for other
countries, the opposite sex, or other beliefs
7. egalitarian (adj) – promoting equal rights for all people
8. berserk (adj) – in a state of violent or destructive rage
9. ostentatious (adj) – marked by conspicuous, showy, or pretentious display
10. delude (v) – to mislead; to fool
11. elude (v) – to escape notice; to get away from
12. fallow (adj) – inactive; unproductive
13. blight (n) – anything that destroys, prevents growth, or causes devaluation
14. obsequy (n) – a funeral rite or ceremony
15. denizen (n) – an occupant; inhabitant
16. fealty (n) – obligated loyalty or faithfulness
17. entice (v) – to attract by offering reward or pleasure
18. gratify (v) – to please
19. laggard (n) – a slow person, especially one who falls behind
20. gambit (n) – maneuver or action used to gain an advantage