Vocabulary One - Books I-VI

Vocabulary One - Books I-VI
The Odyssey
1. tempest (n) – a violent windstorm; an uproar
2. herald (n) – a messenger
3. nectar (n) – sweet liquid in flowers; drink of the gods
4. laurel (n) – a tree like an evergreen
5. lamented (v past tense) – mourned; grieved
6. libation (n) – a drink offering
7. asunder (adv) – apart from each other
8. rash (adj) – resulting from ill-considered haste or boldness (He made a rash
9. portal (n) – a doorway
10. portent (n) – an omen
11. machinations (plural) – crafty schemes
12. preeminent (adj) – superior to all others; illustrious
13. tribulation (n) – suffering; hard time
14. prudent (adj) – wise in handling practical matters
15. mentor (n) – a wise and trusted counselor or teacher
16. lotus (n) – an aquatic plant
17. muses (n plural) – any of the nine daughters of Zeus, each of whom presided
over a different art or science; a guiding spirit; a source of inspiration
18. abate (v) – to lessen
19. distaff (n) – a rod that holds unspun material which is about to be made into