Sample Format for Life Experience Portfolio

Sample Format for Life Experience Portfolio
Christian Leadership University
The Bible places a very high priority on learning through the experiences of life, even
higher than on classroom learning.
Credit can be awarded when you demonstrate two things:
1. You spent a certain number of hours in a learning experience, and
2. You learned something.
Bachelor degrees tend to deal with general studies. Therefore, Life Experience credits
applied to undergraduate degrees may come from any and all life learning experiences.
Graduate-level degrees involve specialized training, so any Life Experience credits
applied to graduate degrees must be from actual training in the specialized area which
relates to the degree title being awarded. This means actual training seminars and
courses attended, and books read, not just the fact that you worked in the area.
The first step to this process is for you to enroll online. If you have not done this yet
please fill out an enrollment application now by going to
This file online here contains the complete Life Experience Portfolio Notebook. You can
print this out and use it to get started now, and be sure to order it on your enrollment form
for $10 in a 3 ring notebook which we send to you.
Submit with $100 payment (check made out to CLU, or MasterCard, Visa or American
Express) and send to Mark Virkler, 11918 Lazio Lane, Orlando, FL 32827-7160. Final
bill will be $20 per credit received. This initial payment of $100 will go toward this
transfer fee.
Submit the following: Jobs (with title) that I held. Length of time I held them. Average
hours per week involved in the job. Total estimated number of hours I spent. Job
responsibilities included…. Skills and lessons I learned were…. (Complete these steps
for EACH job or ministry you have performed.) Two examples are below:
Sunday School Teacher of Teenagers at Calvary Church (1996-1998)
Estimated hours involved – 3 hours per week – 300 hours
Lessons learned: how to hold a class’s attention; how to impart life change; conflict
resolution skills; covered the book of Acts in depth; covered dating and marriage in
Receptionist in office for three years at Harpers Inc. (1997-2000)
Estimated hours involved – 40 hours per week – 6000 hours
Lessons learned: typing; computer skills with Microsoft Word, Access and PowerPoint;
filing; telephone conversation skills; management of two other employees.
Conferences I have attended… title … hours involved… lessons learned
Conferences I have led… title… hours involved… lessons learned
Sermons I have preached… titles
Books I have read… listed by title and author with number of pages
Other ministry activities I have been involved in… description of them, length of time
and lessons learned
Other activities I have been involved in… description of them, length of time and lessons
Provide third-party documentation whenever possible to verify the above activities. This
could include newspaper articles, church bulletins, certificates, etc. Provide two character
endorsements from those under whom you have worked.
“As I completed my Life Experience Portfolio there was great joy as I recalled many
opportunities that have been afforded to me over the years. I came to realize many
opportunities led to additional opportunities. The most interesting fact I uncovered was
my gifting for administration, research and teaching. When I took the course Gifted to
Succeed, I was surprised to discover my strongest heart motivations were for the whole
and truth. It seems I have been exercising giftings that go along with these my whole life.
I shouldn’t have been so surprised when I took your course.
“I am enjoying all the courses and sharing them with those around me. My pastor has
asked me to teach a seminar on Gifted to Succeed in April. Thank you for making
available the wonderful information in the courses. My life is greatly enhanced and my
relationship with the Lord is deeper than I thought possible.” Conchita Cassin.
This file online here contains the complete Life Experience Portfolio Notebook. You can
print this out and use it, or order it for $10 in a 3-ring notebook which we send to you.
If you have further questions, contact Mark Virkler by emailing him at