Assignment: Decisions Name:

Assignment: Decisions
Ultimately YOU are responsible for your own health decisions. What you put into your body;
how you use your body; what you want to get out of your body, are all factors in the life you
Taking an active role in health and fitness decisions will affect the rest of your life.
Answer the following:
 How do you want to feel when you wake up in the morning every day for the next 20
 What do you want to maintain or change about your current body image over the next 20
 Describe three things that you can do starting right now that will positively impact the
next 20 years of your life in terms of health and physical fitness. For each of the three
include at least one thing that you can start doing right now that would help you meet
each goal.
 Explain how making these important decisions and acting on them immediately can
change your life.