Meiosis Wiki Assignment

Meiosis Wiki Assignment
Find pictures to go along with questions when possible.
1. What are haploid cells? What is a zygote? Why are haploids needed to form a zygote?
2. Explain the steps of interphase. When is DNA copied?
3. How is meiosis different than mitosis in term of creating diploid or haploid cells?
4. Read about what happens during Prophase I. What parts are different than mitosis? What parts are the same
as mitosis?
5. Define the following: Homologous chromosomes, synapsis, tetrad. How many chromosomes make up a tetrad?
6. Define crossing over. What is the evolutionary purpose of crossing over?
7. Describe Metaphase I.
8. Describe Anaphase I.
9. Describe Telophase I and Cytokinesis I.
10. Which resembles mitosis the most? Meiosis I or Meiosis II?
11. What is Spermatogenesis?
12. What is Oogensis? What are polar bodies?
13. What is sexual reproduction? How are the offspring different than asexual reproduction?