2013 Cresskill Environmental Commission Essay Contest Topic (doc)

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Cresskill Environmental Commission Essay
Writing Situations
Many places suffer from serious air and noise pollution—as well as
endless traffic jams—because of too many cars. Some people feel these
places should ban passenger cars and force people to walk, bike, or use
public transportation.
What do you think is the best solution for citizens and the environment?
Use specific reasons and examples to support your argument.
With the current popularity of sport utility vehicles many people
believe that it’s more important than ever for Congress to pass
legislation requiring automobile manufacturers to use more fuel
efficient engines.
Do you agree that such a law should be passed? Why or why not? Use
specific reasons and examples to support your argument.
In regard to the US’s dependency on petroleum, what will it take for a change
to occur?
What issues stand in the way of making a change to using gasoline
as our primary fuel source?
Writing Task:
Select one of the three topics above and compose a researched essay with documented evidence.
Include solid proofs, facts, statistics, expert testimonies, studies, and relevant additional insight to
support your point of view.
Length: Four paragraphs minimum, typed/double spaced, 12- point Times New Roman font
(MLA format)
Due Date: