Peer Review of Essays

Review by:__________________________
Peer Review of Research Papers
This review sheet should be given to the author of the essay. Students should remember to keep all
materials that are returned to them so they can hand these back to the instructor at the end of the term.
1. Thesis or focus: Write down the thesis. Is it narrow enough to permit detailed exploration in a short
essay? Is it clear and precisely stated?
2. Overall organization and support: What are the main points of the essay? What evidence is used to
support the thesis? Are paragraphs coherent? Is the organization logical? Are transitions smooth?
3. Use of sources: Is there a balance of summary and analysis? Are quotations and paraphrased
statements accurate, without any plagiarism? Are sections which use sources documented carefully
and accurately in MLA form? Is there a Works Cited page?
4. Argument form: Are all the parts of an argument (including a presentation of the opposing point of
view and a refutation of the opponent’s strongest points) presented and handled well?
5. Sentences, word choice, punctuation: Is the essay easy to read, with graceful sentences carefully
punctuated and words precisely chosen? Are there any problems with grammar?
On the back of this sheet, if necessary, respond to the following:
6. Indicate something you especially like about the essay.
7. Indicate something you would like to know more about (that is, something which should be
developed further), or suggest questions which still need to be answered.
Review by:__________________________