Form/Value Test ( 60 points) Name

Form/Value Review
1. Define form
2. Define value
3. Before value shading a form, what important bit of information is necessary?
4. Describe what a tondo is.
5. What is the major difference between form and shape?
a. Shape is flat and
form is not
b. Form is flat and
shape is not
c. Shape is 2-D and
form is 3-D
d. Both a & c
6. To achieve a sense of form, this element is necessary
a. Color
b. Shape
c. Value
d. Texture
7. These two characteristics distinguish the ebony pencil from the regular #2 school
a. Ebony is harder
and creates lighter
b. #2 pencil is softer
and creates darker
c. Ebony is softer
and creates darker
d. Both a & b
Form and Value Review II
8. List and define the characteristics of chiaroscuro
_____ Highlight
A. The area from which light is being cast onto the object
_____ Light/Shadow
B. The darkest value present, anchors the object to the ‘ground’
_____ Light Source
C. Light that is cast on the object from an area other than the light
_____ Core of the Shadow
D. Values on the object that are between the lightest & darkest
_____ Reflected Light
E. The lightest value present on the surface of the object
_____ Cast Shadow
F. The darkest value present on the surface of the object
9. Properly value shade the shape to turn it into a form. Each line points to an aspect
of chiaroscuro – label each part on the line provided.