An Example Journal Page for Introduction to Literature

My Journal for Lit 203 (LaCreek College Center-Instructor: Rooks)
Name: ____________________________
Class 2/Date: Jan. 30th
I’m writing this journal as a course requirement for my Introduction to Literature class. I will start by
including some of the class notes that I took during our first class:
The field trip to the poetry workshop in Hot Springs sounds like fun, and I’m glad that we will be
doing a fund-raiser, because I may not have any extra money at that time of the month.
Gee, attendance is such a big thing! I guess that I had better make up my mind to attend
classes, so that I can keep up with assignments and not get kicked out of school! (automatically
dropped after 3 absences)
The ice-breaker was scary at first…but it was fun after we got going.
I don’t know if I understand the differences between literature and literacy. I’ll check my
handout. I figure that stuff on handouts will probably end up on the final exam.
My Vocabulary Words
1. Coquettish: describes a woman who is flirty or makes teasing sexual overtures. The coquettish
girl at the bar deliberately bumped into my thigh and then smiled at me.
2. Dank: disagreeably damp or humid. The first thing that hit me when we went into the dark
cellar was a musty, dank smell.
3. Ebony: dark wood from a tree in tropical Asia. The ebony statue practically vibrated with evil.
4. Diffident: shy and timid. The child approached the growling dog in a diffident manner.
5. Deprecation: a prayer to avert or remove some evil or disaster. The simple farmer crossed
himself and uttered a solemn deprecation as he gazed upon the mutilated bull.
My last entry this week is about a children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are, which I read to
my daughter, Tanya, last night. She loves this book and wants to have it read to her almost
every night. She, especially, likes it when I read it in a growly monster voice.