12 Angry Men Research Project

12 Angry Men Research Project
Your job is to research someone who was wrongfully accused of a crime. Find out the 5WH
of the case AND compare it to 12 Angry Men AND answer the question “what does this case
teach us about how to overcome obstacles?”
You will need to present your findings to the class in an engaging manner. You may
choose to use PowerPoint, Prezi, video clips, costumes, music, a poster, etc. You may not
just stand at the front of the room and read off of a script.
A) Information to include in your presentation
1. Answer the 5WH of the case:
 WHO is this person?
 WHAT was he/she accused of?
 WHERE did the crime/case take place?
 WHEN did it take place?
 WHY was he/she accused of this crime?
 HOW was he/she able to prove innocence?
2. You need to compare the case with 12 Angry Men
 Besides the fact that someone has been wrongly accused, how else does
this case compare to 12 Angry Men?
3. You also need to answer the question…
 What does this case teach us about how to overcome obstacles?
Things to remember about oral presentations…
 You need a visual aid (PowerPoint, Prezi, poster, video clip, etc.)
 You need to try to engage/involve your audience
 Rehearse! No one wants to watch you read off a script at the front of the room in a
monotone voice…
 Your presentation needs to be 2-4 minutes long.
Research Project Rubric
-understanding of
relationship among
facts, ideas,
analyzing, explaining
-inquiry skills
(planning, selecting,
forming conclusions)
Level 3 Criteria
-thorough understanding
of the person, crime, and
outcome (includes all of
the 5WH of the case)
-pitch is well-organized;
clear evidence of planning
-is 2-4 minutes long
-makes connections
between experiences
and texts
-of conventions
-explains thoroughly
what this case teaches us
about overcoming
-submits thorough and
well-organized research
Communication -pitch is well-rehearsed
-for different
(presenter makes eye
audiences and
contact, has life in voice,
speaks in appropriate
-with logical
pace and tone)
-connects the person
researched and the play
12 Angry Men (connection
moves beyond “they were
both charged with a crime
they didn’t commit…”)
-submits a Works Cited
that follows MLA format
and uses at least 2
reliable sources
You can choose from the following list:
David Milgaard
Donald Marshall Junior
Guy Paul Morin
Thomas Sophonow
Wilbert Coffin
Steven Truscott
Jason Dix
Simon Marshall
Gary Staples
Ronald Dalton
Clayton Johnson
William Mullins-Johnson
Thomas Sophonow
Michael Dumont
Gordon Folland
Rubin “Hurricane” Carter
Nicole Harris
Tammy Marquardt
Kristine Bunch
Lynn Dejac Peters
Study collections