formal paper guidelines

Grading guidelines for research article
IMPORTANT Late papers will be penalized 10 points per day.
This paper is worth the same as 2 reports and it cannot be dropped.
Format: 20 points
Must include all sections specified (see below). Each section should have a
heading, and you should title your paper appropriately. This paper should be
written from the perspective of a RESEARCHER, not as a student. The
researcher is to write in third person format, as a viewer of the procedures (like a
reporter), not the main feature. You are using class data found in my website
only, not just your tables.
Content: 10 points each part= 60 points
Abstract should consist of a brief statement of purpose and results of study. Not
more than 50 words in it!
Introduction should include more in-depth discussion of purpose, pertinent
background information of other people’s past work regarding the same or
similar topics, and a statement of the hypothesis.
Materials and methods This should be a description of the experiment you
performed in paragraph form, as should the entire paper, so no listing, no
numbering of the procedures.
Results Do not include just raw data; it should show the results of mathematical
work using your raw data (statistics) in orderly fashion (table or graph), as well as
discussion of the statistical results. These should be drawn/made/graphed by
the student, DO NOT staple the papers obtained in class; that is sloppiness and
points will be taken off. Do not include charts or graphs from other people’s
work; you can ONLY include that of the data you are working with.
Discussion & Conclusions should clearly state whether hypothesis was
supported or not. Also WHY did we get the results we did, WHAT does it mean
to the larger world?
References (Bibliography) should be given at the end of the paper and there
should be a minimum of 4 works cited. The formatting for it consists of:
Author(s)’ name(s). Year it was published. Title of the paper. Name of the journal
where published, volume: pages and/or copyright and DOI.
Hans O. Porter and Martina Langenbuch (2005). Synergistic effects of
temperature extremes, hypoxia, and increase in CO2 on marine animals: From
Earth history to global change. J. Geophys. Res., Vol 110, C09S10
DOI: 10.1029/204JC002561
Neatness and Writing: 20 points
Type, proofread, and check the spelling and grammar before you turn this
assignment in. Remember that this is a FORMAL paper.
If turning in the printed version (hard copy), staple the pages together at upper
left corner; do NOT include a cover sheet or any other binding.
If turning it in by email, send it as an attached document, written in WORD to only. It should arrive on the date stablished, before 12
midnight or points will be taken off as explained before (go to the beginning of
this document). You should expect a responce acknowledging the receipt of the
paper, if that does not happen is that I have not received it at all, send it again.