Unit 2 Study Guide: Origins of Government

Unit 2 Study Guide: Origins of Government
Key: AOC (Articles of Confederation), DOI (Declaration of Independence)
Multiple Choice 50 Questions (2 points each, 100 points total)
Section 1: The Colonial Period
1. Know John Locke
2. Know Two Treatises of Government
3. Know Magna Carta
4. Know Virginia House of Burgesses
5. Know Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
6. Know what country established the original 13 colonies
7. Know Petition of Rights
8. Know Representative government
9. Know Separation of Powers
10.Know limited government
11.Know English Bill of Rights
12.Know Great Fundamentals
13.Know Mayflower Compact
Section 2: Uniting for Independence
1. Know Battle of Lexington and Concord
2. Know Intolerable Acts
3. Know Embargo
4. Know Shays’s rebellion and what it lead to
5. Know Boston Massacre
6. Know who wrote the DOI
7. Know why colonies existed in British mind
8. Know John Hancock
9. Know what government DOI was founded on
10.Know revenue
11.Know three parts of DOI
12.Know Boston Tea Party
13.Know Stamp Act
14.Know date of finalized draft of DOI
Section 3: The Articles of Independence
1. Know the 10 powers granted to Congress by AOC
2. Know ratify
3. Know how the federal government looked under AOC
4. Know ordinances
5. Know Constitutional Convention
6. Know term ceded
Section 4: The Constitutional Convention
1. Know interstate commerce
2. Know compromise on slavery
3. Know James Madison
4. Know Federalist and their beliefs
5. Know Anti-federalist and their beliefs
6. Know the last state to ratify the Constitution
7. Know The Federalist papers
8. Know Connecticut Compromise
9. Know New Jersey Plan
10.Know 3/5 Compromise
11.Know Virginia Plan
12.Know finalized date of Constitution
5 Short Answers: (Choose 1 of 3: 30 points each)
1. Explain how the French and Indian War and the rise to power of King
George III lead to the colonists wanting to separate from Great Britain
and some of the actions the colonists took to respond to them.
2. List and Explain 3 out of the 7 Congressional weaknesses of the Articles
of Confederation.
3. List and explain major differences between Federalist and AntiFederalist, list some famous people, and explain which group you agree
with and why?