The Association for the Public University seeks the

Style Guide for Papers: International Sources of Insecurity Conference
We request that papers be submitted by email preferably formatted as rich text (.rtf).
Style Guidelines
1. In general, we follow the Australian Government Publishing Service Style Manual
(latest edition) on questions covered in "Part One" of that manual: capitals, italics,
punctuation etc.
2. We use Oxford first spellings (consult the Australian COD where possible). In
particular, note the use of 'z': e.g. organization; and 'our' rather than 'or': e.g. Labour,
3. Referencing: Please use endnotes. All textual notes and references are to be integrated
sequentially into the endnote system.
Order of bibliographical details for books (periodicals, in brackets):
- author's initials
- author's surname
- title of publication, essay in collection or book, (title of article)
- name of collection editor and title of collection, if applicable (title of journal)
- volume number or numbers. e.g. vol. 1. no. 4, (vol. and no.)
- edition, if applicable (spring, summer etc.)
- editor, reviser, compiler or translator, if other than author
- place of publication
- publisher
- date of publication
- page number or page numbers, if applicable
N.B. the following peculiarities:
* standardise author's first name to initials
* place of publication appears before publisher's name
* 'ed.', 'eds' appear in brackets
* all these details to be punctuated by commas only
For example
1. L. Althusser, Essays in Self-Criticism, trans. G. Lock, London, New Left Books, 1977.
2. G. C. Spivak, 'Can the Subaltern Speak?', in C. Nelson and L. Grossberg (eds), Theories
of Modernity and Postmodernity, London, Sage, 1990.
3. K. Marx, 'Preface to a Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy' (1859),
Selected Works, vol. 1, Moscow, Progress, 1977, pp. 503-11.
4. See A. Bognar, 'The Structure of Social Processes: A Commentary on the Sociology of
Norbert Elias', Sociology, vol. 1, no. 3, 1986, pp. 387-9.
Use author's name and short title for second and subsequent references to the same book
or article.
Please submit papers to the conference organiser, Dr Kathryn Hegarty.