Oakland letter - Vaccine Liberation Army

National Coalition of Organized Women
From Laboring Women to Labor Unions, We Move As One
From the desk of the director
Oct.7, 2015
Dear Oakland District School Board:
There is a moment when you can choose to be silent or to stand up.
You already are aware of SB 277 signed into law that disallows any child who is not fully
vaccinated from attending public, private or day school.
Another bill, SB792 would also be the first in the nation law, if signed by the Governor,
which he is expected to do, that would give the State (a government) the right to mandate
compulsory vaccinations for adults. This bill requires daycare workers and daycare
teachers to be vaccinated. Moreover, in a last minute move, legislators added a clause to
SB 792 that will require parents who volunteer at their children’s public and
private daycare and pre-schools to be vaccinated with the MMR, DTap and annual flu
shots, or be denied access to volunteer in the classroom.
You are next!
SB 797 is a precedent setting law that allows the state to force medical treatments on the
population. Already courts have forced chemotherapy on under aged children against
their parents will. In the hopper are long-term psychiatric drug implants, for example.
This law will back the courts and facilitate more and more government control over what
should be our right to personal sovereignty and bodily integrity.
Enclosed are several books and the letter (and books) we sent to every California
Legislator (except Senator Pan) for your edification on the authentic history of the
vaccine movement. Also enclosed are a few library editions of a new video from
Germany, the home of Merck and Glaxo Smith Kline.
We did not have enough books to give each one of you a copy, so please share. And for
those who wish to keep a copy, please do.
We urge you to defy unjust laws. We understand that you have financial ties to the
state and federal government. It is not surprising in the epoch of greed that this would
also be your challenge. You can choose the money and thus chose
totalitarianism/fascism where the state has control over your very body/mind or you can
make another choice…a choice that will shine brightly in the nation-an historical moment
in history – a choice to defy unjust laws.
For those who want to stand up for freedom in this historical moment in time:
The most cited Supreme Court case that the establishment uses to argue the right for the
state to force medical treatments (vaccines) on the populations is Massachusetts vs.
Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905), was a United State Supreme Court case in which the
Court upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. The Court's decision
articulated the view that the freedom of the individual must sometimes be subordinated to the common
welfare and is subject to the police power of the state.
Here is a brilliant study/discussion on Jacobson v. Massachusetts:
http://vaccineliberationarmy.com/2015/10/05/astounding-constitutional-discussion-on-massachusetts-vsjacobson-vaccine-mandate-ruling/ *
The same Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. ruled in Buck v. Bell that the state can
compel sterilization.
Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200 (1927), is a decision of the United States Supreme Court, written by Justice
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., in which the Court ruled that a state statute permitting compulsory sterilization
of the unfit, including the intellectually disabled, "for the protection and health of the state" did not violate
the Due Process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The decision was
largely seen as an endorsement of negative eugenics—the attempt to improve the human race by
eliminating "defectives" from the gene pool. The Supreme Court has never expressly overturned Buck v.
Bell. *
*If you want us to send you these links by email, please email me at Ncowmail@gmail.com
We have enclosed several book labels with your names on them. The Independent
Medical Advocacy group (IMA) of which there is a contact number for Dr. Toni Barks
was established by hundreds of independent researchers and physicians to support your
choice to defy these unjust laws. We also have a network of attorneys who also stand by
to help you. Just contact Dr. Barks.
Eileen Dannemann
Director, NCOW
319 855-0307