Name - redromans

Textbook Worksheet
Chapter 11, Section 2
The Three Philosophers – Socrates, Plato, Aristotle
Directions: Read pages 185-190 in your textbook and answers the questions below.
1. What is intellect? The ability to learn and reason
2. What is Philosophia? Question many things/study
laws of nature/wanting wisdom
3. What is a philosopher? People who search for
4. How did Socrates believe people could discover
truth? If they knew how to think
5. Explain the Socratic Method. He would ask
questions, and each question was designed to make a
person arrive step-by-step at a final conclusion
6. Why did some people not like Socrates’ teachings?
They did not like self-examination, particularly when it
pointed out their own mistakes
7. What was Socrates accused of? Denying the gods,
corrupting the youth, and overthrowing the gov’t
8. Was Socrates found guilty or innocent of the crimes,
and what was the punishment? Found guilty and the
punishment was death
9. How did Plato know Socrates? Plato was Socrates’
10. Why did Plato change his mind about becoming a
politician? Because he saw how Socrates believed in
his ideas so much that he was killed for it
11. What did Plato set up outside of Athens, and how
long did it last? A school called the Academy, it lasted
almost 900 years
12. According to Plato, who should rule? The wise and
the good
13. What is the book The Republic about? Different
kinds of government and how to avoid political errors
14. What is the book The Dialogues about? How
difficult it is to discover the truth and self
15. How many books did Aristotle write? More than
16. How did Aristotle classify plants and animals? He
grouped together ones that resembled each other
17. Describe the 3 steps of the Scientific Method? 1.
Collect info. 2. Form a hypothesis 3. Test the
18. What is a hypothesis? A possible explanation
19. Which part did Aristotle add to the Scientific
Method? The testing
20. Explain a syllogism. It is a method of reasoning
that uses 3 related statements
Discoveries and Inventions
21. The Greeks discovered that natural events are not
caused by gods but by: natural laws
22. What did Thales of Miletus discover? A. First 2
steps of Scientific Method B. Correctly predicted an
eclipse of the sun
23. What did Hippocrates do? Diagnosed illnesses and
cured sick people
24. What did most doctors believe caused disease?
Evil spirits entering the body
25. What is the Hippocratic Oath? A list of rules about
how doctors should use their skills to help their