MBA 516 - Financial Statement Presentation and Analysis

MPA 530 - Financial Statement Presentation and Analysis
Individual Research Project
Individual Research Project
This project will focus on an area of financial accounting, statement analysis or other related topic. It is
possible to work in concert with your group research team, this project could complement the Group
Research Assignments. It is anticipated that this project will be approximately ten pages in length with a
reference list of at least ten articles, books, etc.
Possible topics
Some possible topics for this paper include:
Asset Impairment
Lease Accounting
Accounting for Income Taxes
Ratio Analysis
Earnings per share
Comprehensive Income
Specific industry accounting issues
Going concern assumption
Long term-Assets
Long-term Liabilities
Cash Flow Statement
Accounting for Derivatives
Audit opinions
Accounting for Business Combinations
This list is not meant to be exhaustive. Please refer to the text for additional suitable topics. All topics must
be pre-approved by me.
Due Date
This paper is due March 11 with an oral presentation of approximately 10 minutes to be given on March 2,
4, 9 or 11.
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