essay prompts

Othello Essay
 Choose one of the prompts below and write an essay of approx. 1250
words arguing your position.
 Make an outline of your essay first, making sure that you have two good
textual examples for each main point of your argument.
 Use a five or six paragraph structure in which the introductory paragraph
includes your thesis statement and directional statement(s), and each
body paragraph has a clear lead sentence.
 There will be an in-class peer-editing session of your first draft. Try to
choose someone who is not covering the same topic as you are.
 Reminder: Do not provide plot summaries! You must provide a
sustained argument answering one of the prompts, backed by carefully
selected evidence and solid analysis of that evidence in support of your
 Date Due for first draft:
 Date Due for final:
[see ManageBac for dates in each individual course)
You will be marked according to the attached rubric (see reverse).
1. In Shakespeare’s Othello, three different types of women are portrayed.
Each comes to harm because of her association with a man. Discuss the
validity of this statement.
2. All of the characters who experience misfortune in Othello bring it upon
themselves. Discuss the truth of this statement.
3. Because Othello is an outsider, Iago is able to manipulate him. To what
extent is this true?
4. Discuss Shakespeare's use of imagery in Othello to develop theme and/or
reveal character.