Executive Summary for Submission of Paper to the Trust Board

Executive Summary for Submission of Paper to the
Trust Board
Paper No. NHST(12)067
Subject: Safeguarding Adults and Managing Vulnerability Annual Assurance Report
Purpose To provide the Trust Board with an overview of current safeguarding adult
activity and to demonstrate assurance that the Trust is both safeguarding adults and
managing their vulnerable characteristics.
In Part One the report details the Trust’s accountability and responsibility in relation
to local Safeguarding Adults Boards, reports on safeguarding adult activity across
the three main localities which includes training and provides an outline for the
coming year.
In Part Two the report goes into more detail around the way that the Trust manages
patients who have protected characteristics which may include a range of
vulnerabilities. It describes the processes by which the Trust seeks to provide itself
with assurance that it is meeting the needs of these vulnerable patients thus enabling
it to provide assurance to the Trust Board.
Corporate Objectives met: This report details approaches which include all
of the Trust’s corporate objectives
Financial Implications: None
Stakeholders: Trust, NHS Merseyside, local authorities, care providers in all
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