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Course Syllabus
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Gymnastics 1 and 2
Gymnastics (3)
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Dr. Ahmed bni
Dr. Ziad Irmily
Gymnastics Hall
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is mandatory
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[email protected]
[email protected]
Course Coordinator:
Academic rank
Dr. Ziad Irmily
[email protected]
Course Description in English
This article focuses on the definition of student information
specialist for sport and development tools used in the play, as the
concentration of the substance to teach them how to perform
specialized skills, the use of teaching aids and training to assist
in the learning and application of various gymnastics equipment for
men, as well as providing them with special exercises for the
development of the physical elements required for those sport, and
to identify training plans, short-term, medium-and long-term, as
well as giving students knowledge of the physiological aspects, and
Albyumkanikip gymnastics skills and also equip them with knowledge
and information on legal materials and methods of the game award.
General Course Objectives:
1. Introduce students to aspects of physical and general preparation towards gymnasts
2. Identifying the components of physical attributes and methods of measurement when the
3. Get the making of and preparation skills for sports gymnastics
4. provide students with the necessary methods and techniques in learning gymnastics skills
5. Get training plans, short-term, medium-term and long-term
6. Provide students with knowledge of the physiological aspects, and Biomechanical gymnastics
7. Provide students with knowledge and information for legal materials for the game and
arbitration methods
Intended Learning Outcomes
a. Knowledge and Understanding :
- Knowledge of the technical aspects of the gymnastic skills
devices gymnastics for men.
- The ability to manage and organize various tournaments
for the sport of gymnastics.
- Full knowledge of the law gymnastics
b. Intellectual Skills :
Distinction between skills different devices gymnastics.
-Choose your workouts to develop skills among various
organs of gymnastics.
-The ability to visualize and imagine the skills of the sport
before their performance.
-The ability to assess the performance and grading the skills
performed on devices Gymnastics men
c. Subjects specific skills :
- Determining the appropriate tools to play.
- Use of educational resources for specialized
information regarding gymnastics game.
- The ability to perform gymnastics skills necessary for
the training process.
-Capacity Development for the analysis of mechanical
d. Transferable skills :
- The ability to communicate with other students in theory
and practice.
-Perform the basic skills of gymnastics equipment Mat land
movements, horse jumping, a horizontal bar, throat, knobs,
-Trying to figure out after the performance of the skill of the
game for the other in terms of similarities and differences
Methods and strategies of teaching :
A - teaching aids: theoretical lectures, Applied lectures, lectures process, the use of e-learning and
(PDF Document, PPT slides ‘on data show’), browse the gymnastics Arab and foreign.
B. - Self-learning: self-training, seminar papers, research supported.
Grade distribution :
-Midterm exam
-Term activities
30 marks
20 marks
The practical side
10 marks paper exam
10 marks ( exam support +paper exam )
-final exam
50 marks
20 theoretical side
30 practical side
-Course requirements :
-Attend the prescribed percentage of the total lectures.
-Providing scholarships and research papers related to the game of gymnastics.
-Computer use and web browsing for the game.
-Passing scheduled term exams.
Dates of the exams:
- Practical exam for midterm : the eighth week.
-Performing exams in the term : before and after the mid-term.
-The final practical exam: the sixteenth week
-Theoretical final exam: the sixteenth week.
- Course tests :
-Front hands jump, somersault background, jump on a table land movements.
-Performance of inter mobility on a parallel device includes weights, pronation, stand on the shoulders,
rolling the front.
-Performance of inter mobility on your throat include weights, climb, built, handstand.
-The student evaluates his performance through inter mobility and a degree for that performance.
-Test related article vocabulary .
-Vocabulary Article
-The first module
*Components numbers private and public physical and warm the public and private sectors. (3 lectures)
-Module II:
*Techniques and methods of teaching gymnastics skills. (3 lectures)
-Module III:
*Setup vocabulary skills on different devices gymnastics (parallel, throat, ground, horizontal bar, vault,
HP handles) (8 lectures)
-Module IV:
*Training plans, short-term, medium-term, long-term, organize training modules, injuries and security
measures in the sport of gymnastics. (3 lectures)
-Module V:
*The physiological basis of skills Aljmanasticah. (One lecture)
-Module VI:
Mechanical foundations and groups Altknikih gymnastics skills. (One lecture)
-Module VII:
Organize and arbitration gymnastics championships, the new amendments in the law of
gymnastics, global and continental competitions.
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