AP World History Final Exam Essay: Due May 6

AP World History Final Exam Essay: Due May 6
Choose from one of the topics below to craft a well researched and well written essay of seven to ten pages
(12pt font, typed, double spaced). This project will represent 2/3 of your Finals grade.
Classical Period: (1000 BCE- 600 CE)
Compare the technological and scientific achievements in two of the following societies: Classical
China, Classical Rome, Classical India, and Classical Africa. Include information about their level of
technological development, the use of technology, and the societal attitude toward innovation.
Post-classical Period: (600-1450 CE)
Compare the causes of the spread of three of the following religions: Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism,
Islam, Confucianism, and Hinduism.
How did the expansion of trade in the postclassical period conflict, or not conflict with the dominant
religious and philosophical systems? What was the relationship between trade and culture during the
postclassical period?
Early Modern Period: (1450-1750 CE)
Describe the motives of the Europeans and the consequences of their encounters with the indigenous
peoples of the Americas.
Analyze the impact of Islam on both China and Western Europe during this period.
Dawn of the Industrial Age: (1750-1914)
Compare Russia’s attempts at Westernization with the interaction of two of the following other empires
with the West: the Ottoman Empire, China, Tokugawa-Meiji Japan, Mughal India.
Analyze the interplay or interconnection of industrialization, imperialism, and global conflict in Western
Europe and Africa in this period.
1914 to the Present
Assess the effects of rapidly changing demographic and environmental trends in the 20th /21st century
on two of the following regions: Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, India, USSR/Russia, or China.
Compare the political, economic, and social causes and effects of two of the following revolutions:
Russian, Cuban, Mexican, Chinese, or Iranian.