Guitar Class Final Project

Music Class Research Paper
Throughout the last few weeks we have learned about the 20th century
composers Leonard Bernstein and John Cage. We have listened to their music
and discussed their lives and qualities as composers. It is now your job to
compare and contrast these two composers and their music through a five
paragraph essay.
Assignment: Five paragraph typed essay comparing and contrasting the two
composers and their music. Bibliography page citing your sources.
Ideas or points you might include in your paper (these are suggestions
only – you may include more points to develop your ideas):
Basic biographical information
Types of music they composed
Differences in their style of music
Citing certain compositions by both to reinforce your ideas
What qualifies their compositions as music?
**Each paragraph must be at least six complete sentences long.**
Grades will be determined primarily on content although grammar counts! It is
your job to draw comparisons between the two composers based on your own
research. If I find that you have copied ideas word for word you will receive a 0.
**Please be sure to have your essay ready to hand-in by October 18th or 19th
depending on the day your class meets. You may NOT print in my classroom.
For each day it is late you will lose 10% credit off the project.