Short History Research Essay and Powerpoint Presentations

Middle Ages: Short History Research Essay and Powerpoint Presentations
1. Select a topic from the list provided.
2. Define 4 aspects of the topic by focusing on 4 questions to research.
3. Create a tree map with the four questions and write the notes under
each category.
4. Include the frame of reference details by listing your sources.
5. Write a well-researched history report using sources:
library databases, Google scholar, Britannica Online (link available in
English links of our class web page, books, etc.)
6. Essay must have:
 Introduction paragraph of the topic with a thesis statement that
addresses the four aspects of your research.
 4 Body paragraphs: Write the research question before each
paragraph. Write detailed paragraphs with correct MLA
 Conclusion paragraph: summarize what you learned. What
significant insights did you discover?
7. Powerpoint Presentation: 10 Slides with strong graphics/clear texts.
**Essay must be written in your own words and not plagiarized in any