Augustus Caesar

Augustus Caesar’s reign was known as a golden age or time of peace. Augustus was truly the patriarch of his country. Augustus Caesar (63 B.C.-14 A.D.) was the great-grand-nephew of Julius Caesar. He was left the throne at nineteen years of age after the assassination of Julius Caesar. Unfortunately, Augustus Caesar was not able to hold the throne because Marc Antony had taken control of Rome. Augustus allied with Antony and a general named Lepidus, ruling Rome together as a triumvirate. That was not enough for Augustus; he had to be the only one ruling. So he set out to conquer Lepidus and Antony. With the mind and spirit he had, he was master of Rome at only thirty-two-years-old. Augustus Caesar did not only rise to power and rule for the rest of his life, but he also accomplished great tasks that improved his country. He repaired the aqueducts, and he built new roads. He also built theaters and monuments, and he put solders where they could keep out invading armies. He even took a census of the people to know what the taxes should be. Augustus also managed to get Virgil, a famous poet, to write a poem called

The Aeneid

which purpose was to give the Romans pride in their country. One of Augustus’s quotes is “I found Rome a brick; I left it marble.”

Augustus Caesar was disturbed by the Roman birthrate; the people were not having enough children or just not marring at all. So in order to keep up the birthrate, he encouraged families to have more children and for bachelors to get married. Augustus himself loved children, and he had a school right in the palace, but unfortunately he did not have many children of his own. He married and had no children with his first wife. Then he married Scribonia and had one daughter with her. Next he divorced Scribonia and married Livia. Their marriage lasted fifty years although Augustus had no children with her. This left Augustus with one problem; he had no heir to inherit the throne. He adopted four boys, but they all died except for his stepson, Tiberious. Augustus Caesar, first emperor of Rome, was one of the greatest men of the Roman Empire. He worked for his country, and made many improvements. He lived simply and tried to be a good example for his people. He even expanded the borders and protected the people from invasions. He reigned for fifty years until his death on the 19th of August, the month named after him. The huge crowd of mourners at Augustus’s funeral shows that he held a special place in his people’s hearts. Very nicely done, A------.! Your essay flows very smoothly from one point to the next, and you carefully chose three main points to develop rather than simply retelling Augustus Caesar's life. You developed each paragraph very well, and your conclusion was beautifully done. Perhaps a quick review of commas would be helpful—but that's the only consistent grammatical problem in your essay. Your introduction could have used two or three more sentences to truly develop it, but otherwise, you wrote a beautiful essay! Excellent work! :)

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