Honors Ancient Rome Test Study Guide

Honors Ancient Rome Test Study Guide
Chapter 6
Please take notes and study the importance and impact of the following terms, events, and
people of Rome
Augustus and his use of the Roman Senate (138)
Augustus monarchical powers in relation to princeps (139)
Titles that Augustus held (138-139)
Augustus and his ability to think outside the box in regards to his military (139-140)
Roman praetorian guards (140)
Augustus rule of the Roman Empire (the position and it’s relation with the Senate, 138139)
Augustus’s policy on the frontier (140-141)
Augustus the innovator (140)
Social classes in early Roman Empire (141)
Augustus and impact on religion (141)
The successor to Augustus and definition of Julio-Claudian emperors and their trends
The five “good emperors” order of power, stunting bureaucratic growth (145)
The Roman Army from 14-180 A.D. improvements and growth (146)
Trade and Commerce and how it is characterized in the early Empire (149)
Marcus Aurelius influences in philosophy (145)
The use of a particular substance that enhanced Roman architecture (150)
The Colosseum (what emperor what responsible for building it, its official name,
capacity, scene of gladiatorial combats (152-153)
Gladiatorial shows (what their role was and who was responsible for them (154)
Mount Vesuvius destruction (154)
Early empire medicine (154-155)
Ulpian and his role in natural rights (155)
The greatest achievement of classical Roman law (155)
The treatment of slaves in Early Roman Empire (156)
Pre-Christian Roman religion (imperial officials and tolerance or lack thereof foreign
religions 159)
Early Christianity characterization and influenced by whom (160)
How does the book characterize the persecution of Christians two centuries after Christ’s
death (162)
Aurelian and his accomplishments (157-158)
“Terrible third century” was made terrible by…. (157)
Two Roman emperors who persecuted Christians (162)
Prompt for short essay
Why did Ancient Rome collapse?