ENG 4U In-Class Essay on Hamlet

ENG 4U Hamlet Essay
Instructions: Write an essay on Hamlet based on one of the prompts below. Aim for roughly
1250 words (plus or minus 10%).
You will be given some class time to prepare the essay.
In Class:
1. Prepare a thesis statement and outline.
2. Research the play to find relevant evidence to support your thesis.
At Home:
When beginning to write, remember to:
- keep thinking about how your essay addresses all aspects of the prompt;
- use formal language (no contractions, no slang) and vary sentence structure
- incorporate your quotations properly and cite them using MLA format
- fully explain how your chosen evidence supports your thesis (analysis)
- leave yourself enough time to revise and proofread your essay.
Essay Prompts:
A: A character’s downfall is the result of a combination of weakness and circumstance.
Analyze the extent to which this statement is true with reference to Hamlet.
B: Show how Shakespeare’s use of imagery and/or symbolism reveals theme OR reinforces
aspects of character in Hamlet.
C: Through sharp contrast, a character foil enhances certain traits of a central character.
Analyze how a secondary character operates as a foil and is employed to develop theme
in Hamlet.
D: Debate to what degree chaos is the result of a character's struggle to re-order his or her
world in Hamlet.
E: With reference to Hamlet, to what extent does isolation (physical, emotional, and/or
societal) cause a character to evaluate his or her moral beliefs or personal convictions?
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