Class Valencia spring MTP

Class Valencia Spring MTP: Staying Healthy
Humans- Health and Growth
Plants- Health and Growth
Week 1: Life cycle of a Human.
Week 1: Sorting plants and trees.
Week 2: Explore the basic needs for survival.
Week 2: Naming parts of a plant.
Week 3: Name the body parts.
Week 3: What does a plant need to grow?
Week 4: Healthy/ unhealthy lifestyle.
Week 4: Record and observe plants changing over time.
Week 5: How do we stay clean? (Personal hygiene)
Week 5: What happens if plants don’t get light and water?
Week 6: Teeth and bones.
Week 6: Analyse results of a scientific experiment.
Geography/ History
The Celts
UK Focus- Wales
Week 1: Who were the Celts? (Introduction to the Celts).
Week 1: Locate Wales on a UK map.
Week 2: Celtic roundhouses.
Week 2: Identify Welsh landmarks and traditions.
Week 3: Celtic traditions and lifestyle.
Week 3: Speaking Welsh- Numbers and Welsh songs.
Week 4: Celtic food and clothing.
Week 4: Describe land formations and landscapes typical of Wales.
Week 5: Romans Vs the Celts- Story of Boudicca.
Week 5: Snowdonia case study.
Week 6: Who had the better army? Why?
Week 6: St David (Date dependent).
Investigating Materials
Week 1: Experiment with papers and fabrics.
Week 1: Understand that boxes are a type of packaging.
Week 2: Colours and patterns in textiles.
Week 2: 3D shapes.
Weeks 3: Which fabrics do I like?
Week 4: Weaving.
Week 3: Building nets.
Week 5: Tie- dying fabrics.
Weeks 4: Designing our package.
Week 6: Evaluating our work.
Week 5: Building our package.
Week 6: Evaluating our work
Whatever the Weather.
Code Tastic- Programming
Week 1: Have an understanding of what code does.
Week 1: Interpret information on a graph.
Week 2: Suggest ways to change or improve a game.
Week 2: Collect information using a tally chart.
Week 3: Understand the commands used in Daisy the Dino.
Week 3: Present information collected using ICT.
Week 4: Create own code in Daisy the Dino.
Week 4: Interpret information on their graph.
Week 5: Create codes to draw shapes.
Week 5: Input data correctly with support.
Week 6: Create codes in hopscotch.
Week 6: Compare data in a spreadsheet.
Invasion Games
Dance (Superheroes and Villains)
Week 1: What happens to our body when we exercise?
Week 1: Copy basic movements.
Week 2: Change speed and direction when travelling.
Week 2: Remember short sequences of movements.
Week 3: Develop running skills.
Weeks 3: Choose movements to make their own sequences.
Week 4: Jump accurately from a standing position.
Week 4: Practice and repeat movement phrases.
Week 5: Develop jumping skills.
Week 5: Perform movement phrases.
Week 6: Throw a variety of objects with one hand.
Week 6: Use simple dance vocabulary to describe dance movements.
Right and Wrong
Week 1: Class rules.
Week 1: Learning to share- Circle Time.
Week 2: Right and wrong choices.
Week 2: How do we share?
Week 3: Why is it important to listen?
Week 3: Why do we need to share?
Week 4: Qualities of a good friend.
Week 4: Good manners- please and thank you.
Week 5: How can I co-operate?
Week 5: Rules at home.
Week 6: What is a bully?
Week 6: Who makes the rules?
Beliefs and Practice
Beliefs and Practice
Weeks 1: What makes a place special?
Week 1: What happened when Jesus was a child?
Week 2: How do I feel in a special place?
Week 2: What did Jesus do when he grew up?
Week 3: Where is a special place for a Christian?
Week 3: What happened at Easter?
Week 4: Why do Christians go to church?
Week 5: What symbols can we find in a church?
Week 6: What do symbols mean?
Week 4: What happened on Easter Sunday?
Week 5: How do we celebrate special events?
Week 6: What are the Christian symbols for Easter?