Possible Short Essay Questions

French Revolution
Test Information
Students will have a test on the French Revolution on Wednesday, September 30. Part 1 of the test
will be 25 multiple choice questions. Part 2 will be 5 of the following short essay questions. Students
will have a limited space to ensure that they are concise with their answers.
Possible Short Essay Questions:
What were the long term causes of the French Revolution? Explain why each was a cause.
2. What were the immediate/short term causes of the French Revolution? Explain why each was a
3. Why was King Louis XVI forced to call a meeting of the Estates-General? Explain you answer.
4. How did the National Assembly form? What are considered the accomplishments of the
National Assembly?
5. Explain the significance of the Tennis Court Oath.
6. What type of government was created under the Legislative Assembly? Why was the Legislative
Assembly a failure?
7. Which two political groups emerged with the creation of the National Convention? What did
each represent?
8. Robespierre became a dictator. Prove this statement true.
9. Why were external forces trying to halt the French Revolution?
10. What was the Reign of Terror?
11. Why did the Committee of Public Safety institute the Reign of Terror?
12. What social changes did Robespierre and the Committee of Public Safety make during the Reign
of Terror? Why?
13. What was the Republic of Virtue?
14. Who were the sans-culottes, and why were they significant to the French Revolution?
15. What were the main problems faced by the Directory?
16. Was the army responsible for the downfall of the Directory? Explain your answer.