Chapter 6 section 3 Answers

Radical Days of the Revolution
French Revolution Packet pg. 11
Key Terms/People/Places:
• Suffrage- the right to vote, wanted it to be
extended to all male citizens not just property
• Robespierre- “The Incorruptible,” shrewd
lawyer & politician. Led the Committee of Public
Safety and was the “Architect” behind the Reign
of Terror.
• Reign of Terror- Led by Robespierre. Lasted
almost 1 year. 300,000 people were arrested
and 17,000 executed for treason.
• Guillotine- a device used during the French Rev. for
beheading people.
• Napoleon- General of Army. Had a string of military
successes. Seized power in a coup.
• Nationalism- strong feeling of pride in and devotion
to one’s country- spread throughout France thanks
to military successes.
• Marseilles- port city. Song was created after this
city (troops sang “La Marseilles”= later becomes
France’s national anthem.
What occurred after
Radicals took control of
the Assembly?
They called for a new legislative body,
extended the right to vote to all male
citizens, abolished the monarchy,
established a republic, and executed
the king and queen.
Why did Robespierre think the
Terror was necessary to
achieve the goals of the
He believed terror was necessary to
deal with the enemies of the
What changes occurred after
the Reign of Terror came to an
Moderates created the Constitution of
1795, which set up a 5 man Directory
and a 2 house legislature.
What changes occurred in
France because of the French
The monarchy was overthrown, the old
social order was gone, and the state
controlled the church.