Characteristics of Realism-----

Characteristics of Realism----Twain----background information
-----2 stories about name
-----“Sociable Jimmy”
-----“Jump Frog” ---tall tale West
-----“A War Prayer” satirization of romanticism
-----Huck Finn
Satire---religion, superstition, physical
handicaps, government, court system, jail, the
typical town drunk
-------Jim in contrast to Pap
-------man vs himself conflict
-------foils---Tom and Huck
(romanticism and society)
(realism and anti-society)
Slavery and the War
Fictional----Crane and Bierce
“A Mystery of Heroism”---color imagery –
“Owl Creek” ----aphorism, bitter tone, surprise
ending----reality infringing on daydreams
Non-fictional----Equaino and Douglass
Women Question
Chopin---Story of an Hour and Desiree’s Baby
----taboo subjects---irony ---shadow imagery in
Jewett---White Heron---sexual imagery, shadows,
grey eyes, nature vs city
Howells with “Editha”----superficiality of
patriotism----color symbolism---compared to