12th Grade Health Essay

12th Grade Health Essay
Guided Imagery
Guided imagery is the process of creating visual, auditory, or other
representations as one reads, listens, views, or thinks. The student will
highly benefit and enjoy Guided Imagery because it will create a real-life
dream, fantasy, or scenario. Guided Imagery helps students explore and
stretch concepts, along with solving and clarifying problems. Health
Education is presently taught with this philosophy that what is learned in
class directly relates to what happens in student’s lives outside of the class.
Topics covered in class:
Chapter 12 – Illegal Drugs (Fatal Addictions)
Chapter 20 – Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Chapter 21– HIV Infection and AIDS
After choosing a topic from Chapter 12 and Chapter 20 or 21, you will
research and report on the following:
1. Create a scenario that will create real images.
2. Define the topic.
3. Identify symptoms and/or characteristics.
4. Explain possible causes.
5. Explain how people might be helped.
6. Explain possible solutions.
• 2-3pages typed or a role-playing situation presentation to the class,
accompanied by a written script on due date.
• Double-spaced
• Proper spelling and grammar
Due Date: ______________________