Tuesday of the Other June

Tuesday of the Other June
Copy to complete for homework: start
pre-reading story p. 468
• Reading Check: Homework
1. Where and when does June first meet the
other June?
2. How does the Other June treat June?
3. Why does June ask her mother whether they
can move right away?
4. Why does June dislike her new school at first?
5. How does June solve her problem with the
Other June?
Sensory Language and Imagery
• Many writers use imagery to create vivid
descriptions. Imagery is made up of words and
phrases that appeal to one of the reader’s five
senses: touch, taste, smell, and hearing. This
sensory language help the reader picture what
is happening and how a character feels.
In the chart, record examples from the
story of sensory language used two
create imagery. Record to examples for
each sense.
Sensory language used to create imagery.
“Then she punched me, blam!! Her whole solid weight hitting me.”