Great Math Intervention Websites

Great Math Intervention Websites!
This is my favorite website to use with my students! There are many
choices of games that cover math skills such as place value, sequence, and
computation skills. My students’ favorite games are “Fishy Numbers” and
“Spooky Sequences.” The website also has useful one hundred chart games,
such as “Find the Target,” in which students would need to find 10 more or
less than target number. Students can play games alone or with a partner.
The PBS website has good resources for students, teachers, and parents.
There are numerous lesson plans that meet the standards. You can choose
the subject and match activities and kid games to support it. Some activities
can connect with PBS children shows. There are endless links to math,
reading, social studies, and health.
My students love some of the games on this website. One of their favorites
(and mine) is “Math Baseball.” The students can select various operations
(+, -, etc.) and what level they want (easy to super brain). The game is
played best in pairs. “Change Maker” is also a great game to reinforce
money skills. The students can even choose what country’s currency they
want to use!