Writing Assignment: Rhetorical Analysis of a Political Cartoon for

Writing Assignment: Rhetorical Analysis of Political Cartoons
about Globalization
Building on your skills in analyzing political cartoons about Globalization from
chapter 15, visit the Global Trade Watch website at
Analyze the argument of the cartoon on the page. What stance does it take
on Globalization and Free Trade? How does this cartoon compare to the
“Our Globalized Economy”
“Globalization Invading Markets”
“The Problems of Globalization Illustrated”
Write a short rhetorical analysis, following the guidelines for powerful thesis
statements found in Chapter 1 and the strategies for analysis found in
Chapter 2. Share your essay with your class.
Christine Alfano & Alyssa O’Brien, Envision In Depth. 2nd edition. NY: Pearson, 2010
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