Name: Period: GLOBALIZATION Socratic Seminar Prep Work Read

Name:________________________________________________ Period: ___________________
GLOBALIZATION Socratic Seminar Prep Work
Read ALL pages
Annotate two paragraphs from EACH article (5 articles)
Answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper and note which page(s)
numbers helped you answer the following questions (this will help with
evidence support during the Socratic Seminar).
1. What is globalization?
2. Make a T Chart. List 3 pros of Globalization on one side and 3 cons on the
3. How does globalization effect you on a personal level? Provide examples and
4. Does globalization ultimately help or hurt the world? Use two pieces of
evidence from the packet to support your answer.
5. Is China’s economy number one? Why or why not?
6. Explain how Ethiopia has become “China’s China” for labor.
7. How is globalization in Asia effecting American middle class? Explain.
8. Take a look at the political cartoons/images in your packet (back pages).
Choose two images and write a brief summary of your interpretation for each
9. Come up with 2 questions of your own to ask during the seminar.
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