2014 AP English Language summer assignment ASSIGNMENT #1

2014 AP English Language summer assignment
Read and annotate these texts:
 “No Name Woman,” by Maxine Hong Kingston
 “I Want a Wife,” by Judy Brady
 “Guys vs. Men,” by Dave Barry
 “There is no Unmarked Woman,” by Deborah Tannen
 “Women’s Brains,” by Stephen Jay Gould
 “The End of Men,” by Hanna Rosin
 “The Boys at the Back,” by Christina Hoff Sommers
*Remember, merely highlighting is not properly annotating.
In your typed annotations, comment on the following:
 Rhetorical strategies used by the writers. Consult the list of rhetorical terms that you have been
granted access to.
 Rhetorical appeals of ethos, logos, and pathos.
 Logical fallacies.
 Types of claims (of definition, of value, of cause, of policy, of fact).
 Author’s purpose, message, audience, and attitude.
*Your annotations can be typed by using the comment function in Word.
Each of the above seven essays fits predominantly into one of these modes of writing:
 Narration
 Cause and Effect
 Process Analysis
 Definition
 Division and Classification
 Argument
 Compare and Contrast
Using as a reference the description of each mode that you have been provided, identify each essay’s
mode, and briefly explain how the essay meets the description of that mode. Consider rhetorical
strategies, organization, purpose, and methods of development to help make this determination. (Note
that the pdf of these descriptions are slightly out of order, with page 7 appearing first. Please adjust
your reading accordingly.)
*This should be typed.
DUE: First day of school