#15 Journal 9/8
The first chapter of Ecclesiastes, a book in the
Bible, concludes with these words:
• "For in much wisdom is much grief, and in
increase of knowledge is increase of sorrow."
• Defend, challenge, or qualify this assertion.
Use evidence from your observation,
experience, or reading to develop your
– Paradigm
– Rapport
– Spurious
– Stoic
– Truncated
• Current Event Journal due Weds. Please follow
the ABC structure.
• By Friday: read Douglass Chapters 9- Appendix.
Quiz and Seminar.
You Should Have:
• Polyphemus Moth
• Giant Water Bug
• In Praise of Bats
• All should go in your binder under rhetorical
• Choose one to work with a bit more today.
#16 Analytical Thesis Statement
• Write an essay analyzing the rhetorical strategies that the
author uses to convey his point of view.
• In “The Atlanta Compromise Address,” Booker T
Washington uses a sentimental appeal, extended
metaphors, and uplifting, optimistic diction to express his
view that blacks and whites should rally around the same
economic flag.
• Label the parts.
1. Title of text
2. Author or speaker
3. Adjectives that describe rhetorical strategies
4. Rhetorical strategies
5. Point of view, main idea, or argument
• In the excerpt from Heaven and Earth in jest,
Dillard uses dark diction, disturbingly violent
imagery, and graphic details to ask us to
consider if predators are murderers or just a
dark part of nature.
Body Paragraphs
• Identify: state the device.
• Evidence: give text evidence of the device
• Link: explain how the device contributes to
the expression of the author’s main point
or argument.
• Try writing a body paragraph based on the
first device identified in your thesis.